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CTA founded in Beijing

2008-6-6 15:46:31   CTA    Size:[L  M  S]

Authorized by Central Committee of Institutional Establishment, CTA was founded at the beginning of this year. Under the direct leadership of CNTA, various preparatory work of the establishment of CTA has been accomplished. On June 6th, the opening ceremony of CTA was held. Shao Qiwei, director general of CNTA attended the ceremony and unveiled the nameplate. Also present at the opening ceremony included Zhang Xiqin, Wang Zhifa, Du Yili, Du Jiang, all deputy director generals of CNTA, and Wang Jun, member of the Party’s organization and headman of the regulatory team of CNTA.

With the great historic progress of reform and opening up, China’s tourism made brilliant achievements as well as accumulated rich experience over the past thirty years. In a period from now on, tourism of our country will be faced with new opportunities of historic development, at the same time with the realistic challenges of more obvious contradictions from history and continuous appearance of new problems. To implement the spirit of the seventeenth National Congress of the Party, promote the transform and upgrading of the tourism industry and achieve the sound and rapid development of tourism is the inevitable choice of the development of tourism of our country. While fully recognizing the opportunities of development ,we should clearly realize that such profound contradictions and problems as the lagged construction of tourism laws and regulations and system construction, structural shortage of tourism talents, still extensive development mode of tourism, market management level of tourism yet to be enhanced, increased pressure of protection for tourism resources and environment and weak theoretical basis of tourism, are becoming the bottleneck restricting the development of tourism.

To ensure the sustainable development of tourism under the new historical conditions and realize the strategic objective of “strong tourism country of the world” needs the concerted efforts of the government, the industry circle and institutions of education and scientific research, what is more, the integration of new thoughts and new modes. Under such background, CNTA decided to establish CTA with the concern and support of Wu Yi, former deputy prime minister of the State Council.

With the aim of building itself into “a government think tank, the industry’s intellectual sources and academic highland for promoting the development of China’s tourism industry and international communications”, CTA carries out researches on basic theories, policies and important and difficult problems influencing the development of the tourism industry, takes part in the work of researching, formulating and demonstrating the tourism development plans, takes on the relative technical support work of censoring the tourism development plans put forward by the local, and actively carries out the work of cultivation of high-level talents, training of professionals and international and domestic academic exchange in the field of tourism.

Under the forceful leadership of the Party’s organization of CNTA, CTA will persist in localization and realistic orientation, follow the way of combing theories with practice, and dedicate itself to serving the medium-and-long-term development strategies of the tourism industry of the country. Recently, CTA has carried out researches on the important work of CNTA and the several serious problems of the development of China’s tourism industry, and obtained a series of breakthrough research achievements in the aspects of industry policies and development strategies. It is planned to build CTA into top professional research institute in 3 to 5 years’ time, and in another 10 years’ time, to build CTA into the most influential and best-known think tank of tourism in China.

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