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The first Academic Committee of CTA established

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On August 15th, 2008, the first Academic Committee of CTA held its first session in Beijing. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of CNTA, and president of CTA issued letters of appointment to members of the Academic Committee. He expressed that CTA should orientate itself to “Think tank of the government, brainpower of the industry and highland of the academia”, serve the government’s decisions and the industry’s development from the academic angle and contribute to the development of China’s tourism.

At the meeting, Wei Xiao’an was elected as director member of the first Academic Committee and Dai Bin as deputy director member. The other commissioners include Bao Jigang, Li Tianyuan, Xie Yanjun, Tian Li, Zhang Lingyun, Song Haiyan and Jafar Jafari. The academic commissioners listened to the preparatory work of establishing CTA, short-term work plans, medium-and- long-term development planning and the annual work plan and expressed their opinions.

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