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The second session of the first Academic Committee held

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On April 25th, 2009, the second session of the first Academic Committee of CTA was held in Beijing. The meeting was hosted by president Du Jiang, and Dai Bin, deputy director member of the Academic Committee and vice-president of our academy, and Liu Xiaojun and Shi Peihua, both vice-presidents attended the meeting. Leaders of our academy reported the work conclusions of CTA in 2008 and work emphasis in 2009 to the Academic Committee and asked for their suggestions.

President Du Jiang emphasized three expectations for the development of the academy, first, it is hoped that the academy can develop into the national tourism academic platform, and pull together the academic strength nation-wide to promote the tourism scientific researches. Second, the academy is expected to implement the mission as a research institute throughout, i.e., express its own independent thinking on research issues. Third, the academy should continue to carry out the aim of constructing “a government’s think tank” and publish and perfect such landmark research achievements of Internal Tourism Consult and Tourism Economic Blue Book.

Wei Xiao’an, director commissioner and all present commissioners thought highly of the scientific research work of CTA in 2009, and gave specific advice and suggestions to the academy’s orientation and its future development. 

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