Plaque presenting ceremony of the first group of research centers and external institutes working seminar was held in Beijing_China Tourism Academy

Plaque presenting ceremony of the first group of research centers and external institutes working seminar was held in Beijing

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On the afternoon of Sep. 15th, 2009, Plaque Presenting Ceremony of the First Group of Research Centers and External Institutes Working Seminar was held in Beijing. The seminar was hosted by Vice-President Dai Bin, and Du Jiang, Vice-Chairman of CNTA and President of CTA attended the seminar and delivered an important speech.

Firstly, Vice-President Dai Bin introduced to the audience the leaders of CTA and responsible persons for various External Institutes present at the meeting, i.e., Shi Peihua, Vice-President of CTA, Yu Fan, President of CTA Kunming Branch, Prof. Li Tianyuan, leading expert of Research Center of Tourism Market and Destination Marketing, Prof. Xie Yanjun, leading expert of Research Center of Tourism Theories, Prof. Bao Jigang, leading expert of Research Center of Tourism Impact Studies, Prof. Gu Huimin, leading expert of Research Center of Hospitality Industry and Prof. Zheng Xiangmin, leading expert of Research Center of Tourism Security.

Vice-Chairman Du Jiang presented plaques to the first five research centers of CTA respectively and expressed congratulations to each organization.

Afterwards, Vice-President Dai Bin delivered a keynote speech on the background and objective of constructing external institutes, its guiding thought and key emphasis in the recent work of the branch academy and various research centers. He pointed out that as early as the beginning of establishing CTA, Du Jiang, Vice-Chairman of CNTA and President of CTA had put forward the idea of setting up External Institutes nationwide. After repeated discussions and argumentation, the form of External Institutes is helpful to the construction of CTA itself as well as the development of the tourism discipline of universities and colleges and scientific research institutions. Approved by leaders of CNTA, CTA initiated this work in May this year, and determined and approved the first six External Institutes including CTA Kunming Branch. The construction of External Institutes is of great significance no matter from the perspective of tourism education and discipline development, and situation of the development of the tourism industry, or from the perspective of tourism scientific research demand of local government and universities and colleges. Tourism industrial practice and tourism scientific research demand are the fundamental orientation of constructing the External Institutes. Catering to the industry and rewarding the country by academic means should be set as the construction ideal and long-term conviction, and the relationships between CTA, supporting institutions, local governments and the tourism industry should be properly handled in the process of construction. When talking of the situation and tasks of External Institutes at the initial stage of establishment, he proposed that each research institution should make an overall planning and implement step by step, that we should have ideals and even more persistence. He also put forward constructive suggestions in nine aspects including construction of operational mechanism and management system, personnel training, basic academic projects construction, scientific research output and transformation, etc., and proposed targeted ideas by combining the practical situation of the branch academy and various research institutions.

Vice-President Shi Peihua expressed in his speech gratitude for the recognition of CTA by each outside research institution, and also for their devotion to the tourism industry as well as their enthusiasm for the big family of CTA. He remarked that he would go all out to serve the External Institutes and also hoped that support and cooperation from the academic strength of External Institutes could be obtained in some key research projects.

After the speeches of Vice-President Dai Bin and Vice-President Shi Peihua, leading experts of various External Institutes exchanged their views and explored into the planning and construction of their own institutions as well as the development of the following work. Experts present unanimously believed that the demands for the construction of External Institutes put forward by Vice-President Dai Bin as clear and definite, and they pointed out the direction of the construction of various institutions. The specific historic period at present determines that External Institutes of CTA should serve as the think tank of the government and highland of the academia, as well as take on a great amount of social responsibilities. CTA, together with each outside research institution, should make more efforts in guiding the research on basic tourism theories, improving the sense of responsibility and sense of mission in tourism academic research as well as promoting the internationalization of tourism education and academic research.

At last, Vice-Chairman delivered an important speech. He firstly expressed his gratitude for experts in the academic circles to join CTA, a newly-born institution with common ideal and academic enthusiasm, and fully recognized the keynote speech by Vice-President Dai Bin. He stressed that the development of China’s tourism industry faced three “news”. The first is new situation. From the snowstorm and freezing disaster at the beginning of last year, through the incident of poisonous dumplings, unstable political situations, to the financial crisis and outbreak of H1N1 swine flu, the tourism industry has been facing more and more crises in the process of development, and will coexist with critical incidents for a long time. In front of numerous difficulties, China’s tourism industry developed and thrived amongst crises and setbacks rather than declined. At present, the tourism industry has become an important way to meet the domestic demands. Leaders of the Central Government and the state strategies place more and more emphasis on the position and role of the tourism industry, and the industry is faced with brilliant situation of prosperity and development. The second new is new requirements. The outbreak of the financial crisis made us in urgent need of setting up a monitoring and warning system of the tourism economy, which, on one hand, could monitor the operation of the whole tourism industry, and on the other hand, could provide analysis report of economy for tourism operators and investors for reference. The latter work has been carried out by CTA and two quarterly reports have been released smoothly. Immature and irrational demands long existing in the tourism markets are boosters of unregulated operation of the industry, therefore, guiding the demands of tourism consumers becomes an important task. Against such backgrounds, CNTA has entrusted CTA to conduct research on the satisfaction of tourists nationwide. The third new is new mechanism. At the very beginning of its establishment, CTA has made it the fundamental starting point to set up a new research mechanism and build an academic platform for tourism. It is hoped that academic strength of tourism nationwide will be pulled together to contribute to the transition and upgrading of China’s tourism industry.

Vice-Chairman Du Jiang also stressed that the establishment of CTA provided an opportunity for the tourism academic strength nationwide to serve the society through academic means and set up a channel for transforming academic achievements. CTA aims to establish itself as “think tank of the government, brainpower of the industry and highland of the academia”, meanwhile, it maintains its own academic independence. The External Institutes can share more academic thinking and viewpoints within the community of CTA and promote the effective transformation of academic achievements into decision-making of the government, thus providing breakthrough points for the work of the government and solving the practical value of tourism academic research.

All staff of the Research Administration Department of CTA and contacts for routine work of each outside research institution also attended the conference.

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