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CTA Signs Cooperation Agreement with NECSTouR

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On Nov. 6, 2010, CTA and NECSTouR held the signing ceremony in Beijing for the Cooperation Agreement on Exploration of the Establishment of Sustainable and Advantaged Tourism Development Pattern. CTA President Dai Bin and NECSTouR President Cristina Scaletti, on behalf of their sides respectively, signed the Agreement. Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission, who was in charge of industrial affairs, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

President Dai indicated that Europe has already become a very important travel destination for Chinese tourists, but the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and European tourism sectors lag badly behind. To promote free communication between people, academic circles and non-governmental organizations shall play a more significant role in the bilateral exchanges, apart from the efforts made by governments and the mutual cooperation between travel organizations. Although Chinese tourism is developing fast, more cultural elements have to be brought into the tourism industry, international exchange and cooperation should be enhanced, and the communication and interaction between tourist enterprises and NGOs are to be further expanded. Sustainable development is a strategic goal of Chinese tourism in the next period, and to strengthen the cooperation between China and Europe in tourism would contribute to the realization of the objective.

President Scaletti indicated that attention should be paid to the influence that the climate has exerted on the environment, and while the improvement of competitiveness should be stressed, tourism must be made a sustainable industry. Therefore, it was highly necessary for the EU and China to share their experience, said the President.

In March 2006, the European Commission issued a paper that EU stakeholders should be unified to jointly promote the development of sustainable tourism, and supported the major European tourist regions in forming a platform which would facilitate the sustainable development of the industry in a well-organized way. Under the background, Tuscany in Italy, Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur region in France, and Catalonia in Spain joined hands in founding the NECSTouR.

According to the Cooperation Agreement on Exploration of the Establishment of Sustainable and Advantaged Tourism Development Pattern, the two sides will carry out information sharing in the aspects as follows: Established advantages and sustainable development goals of EU and China in travel destinations; tourism trends of international organizations, including EU and World Tourism Organization on an international scale; effective and practical experience which has been developed by relevant regions and commercial organizations in EU and China, etc.

After the signing ceremony, President Dai and Vice President Tajani held an informal friendly talk, in which they exchanged views on how to promote world peace and free contacts between people through tourism among other issues.

Other nine personages were also present at the signing ceremony, among whom there were Preto, Office Director and Vice President of the European Commission, Aweisu, an official from EU Enterprise and Industry Division, and Micheal Pulch, Vice Director of the European Commission Delegation to China. Xia Shaoyan, Li Zhongguang and Jiang Yiyi, the principals from CTA Research Administration Department, Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development  and Institute of International Tourism Dvelopment respectively also attended the ceremony.

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