Overall Plan on Tourism Development in Miao Autonomous County of Mayang

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"The Country with beautiful mountains and clear autumn water attracts tourists to visit and linger on".

Hundred years ago, Lin Zexu, a national hero, made accurate depiction of the county situation of Miao Autonomous County of Mayang (hereinafter referred to Mayang County) with mildly sentimental language. However, constrained by poor transport accessibility and other objective factors, for a long time, this national autonomous county with "beautiful mountains and clear water" has been deep in the middle of broad Western Hunan. Underdeveloped economy and not high people's living standards become the problems urgently needing to be overcome in economic development of the Country.

In this context, commissioned by the County People's Government of Miao Autonomous County of Mayang, China Tourism Academy undertakes the preparation of Overall Plan on Tourism Development in Miao Autonomous County of Mayang. On the basis of being fully aware of the importance of this Plan to such a poverty-stricken county with ethnic groups as Mayang, China Tourism Academy sets up an Expert Group led by Vice President Dai Bin, conducting a 7-day field trip for the state of development of major tourism markets in the whole Mayang County and surrounding areas in August 2009. Based on the analysis and compilation of relevant advices and materials, the Expert Group conducts comprehensive sorting and systematic analysis on environment, situation, issues and development opportunities faced by the development of tourism industry in Mayang by way of seminars in accordance with the requirements of General Specification for Planning.

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