Research on Bottlenecks and Breakthroughs in Internationalization of Beijing Tourism from Global View

2010-1-21 15:57:46       Size:[L  M  S]

Currently, Beijing has made important initial results in the "Adhering to Scientific Development to Build a Culture-enriched Beijing, Technology-empowered Beijing and Environment-friendly Beijing", and is striving to realize the goal "aiming at building a world city, continuously improving status and role of Beijing in the world city systems" proposed by Secretary Liu Qi and Mayor Guo Jinlong.

In accordance with relevant views of "making Beijing an exhibition and business capital in Asia, and world-class tourist city" in the Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Development of Tourism Industry in Beijing adopted by the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Government, the subject selects multiple national capitals for comparing them with Beijing to study and judge periodic characteristics, comparative advantages and shortcomings in the internationalization of Beijing tourism, so as to determine the breakthrough in further enhancing internationalization of tourism in Beijing in the process of building a world-class tourist city. The subject strives to sort out relations between the internationalization of Beijing tourism and internationalization of the city, and taking the standpoint of relevant policy recommendations, formulates the work goals of tourism internationalization in 2010 and future years for the Beijing City to implement the tasks of the Municipal Party Committee and Government.

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