Overall Plan on Tourism Industry Development in Jiaozuo

2010-1-21 16:02:07       Size:[L  M  S]

To seize the strategic opportunity of "construction of tourism province" in Henan, give play to characteristics and advantages of tourism resources in Jiaozuo City, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Jiaozuo's tourism industry to create a well-known tourism destination with unique features at home even abroad, commissioned by the Jiaozuo Municipal Tourism Administration, China Tourism Academy presides over the preparation of the Overall Plan on Tourism Industry Development in Jiaozuo.

In accordance with the forward-looking, strategic, global and operational principles, based on the in-depth study of the status quo, problems and potential of tourism in Jiaozuo City, the Plan involves the positioning, strategic objectives, overall layout, major measures, backbone projects and implementation steps of tourism industry development in Jiaozuo City.

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