Overall Plan on Tourism Development in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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With the announcement of a series of major national strategies such as China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, A Number of Opinions of the State Council on Further Promoting the Guangxi's economic and social Development (Guo Fa [2009] No. 42), Opening-up and Development of the North Bay Region in Guangxi and Western Development, and the Program to Revitalize Border Areas and Enrich Residents' Lives, Guangxi has been pushed to the development forefront of the times and the strategic development height as an intersection of a number of national strategies. Commissioned by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tourism Administration, China Tourism Academy presides over the preparation of the Overall Plan on Tourism Development in Guangxi. The plan is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the following four aspects: first, to seek a new location of Guangxi in the country; second, to seek a new location of tourism industry in Guangxi's economic society; third, to seek new breakthroughs in the construction of the project; and fourth, to achieve a breakthrough in product integration, market development, space layout, etc.

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