Research on Tourism Development "Zhejiang Model"

2010-1-21 16:05:22       Size:[L  M  S]

To sum up and refine the experience of tourism development in Zhejiang Province, research and formulate tourism development strategy of Zhejiang for a future period, promote the sustainable development of tourism in Zhejiang Province, and provide a reference for the development of tourism in the country, commissioned by the Zhejiang Province, China Tourism Academy undertakes the subject of Research on Tourism Development "Zhejiang Model". The subject mains sums up and refines the successful experience of the tourism development in Zhejiang Province in the aspects of institutional mechanisms, trade management, product development, brand marketing, industrial development, regional cooperation, personnel training, etc., clarifies the main connotation, formation mechanism and promotion value of the tourism development "Zhejiang model", and conducts research on the medium- and long-term development trends in tourism of Zhejiang Province, and planning of development strategies.

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