Study on the Index System for World-Leading Tourism Cities

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Commissioned by the China National Tourism Administration and led by President Dai Bin, the CTA undertakes the research of “Study on the Index System for World-Leading Tourism Cities”, and the task is led by the Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development in combination with the internal and external forces. The report suggests that the establishment of world-leading tourism city has many significance such as improving the quality of urban tourism, improving the development of urban Tourism and helping cities seize the high ground of Tourism, the report also points out that world-leading tourism cities shall have such features that they shall have complete facilities and services, the development of tourism products shall focus on the cultural connotation and conservation of tradition, tourism development and environmental protection shall be complemented by each other, and the tourism publicity, joint sales promotion and the quality of the tourism and others shall be highly valued. Lastly, the world-leading tourism city evaluation index system with three layers including the target layer, rule layer and index layer, these three layers were established based on four principles, namely the diversification of tourism resources, facilitation of tourism service, tourism management refinement and internationalization of tourism market.

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