Special Planning of Guizhou Province on Tourism in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”

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With the attention from Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Government and the active support of relevant departments and local governments, there is a good environment for the development of Tourism in the province, and the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” witnessed the fastest and greatest development of Guizhou tourism. It impacted the country and has gained the current position; formed a new highlight and hot spot in domestic market with an image of development; created better and faster development conditions, and was the starting point and start-up period for transformation and upgrade. With the good foundation laid down in the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” and the development opportunities including national strategies, transportation construction and change of market demands faced by Guizhou tourism, Guizhou tourism will enter a golden period for better and more rapid development, which is also a critical period to focus on deep-seated contradictions, a key period to overcome difficulties and the promotion period of transformation and upgrade.

Guizhou has a small economic aggregate, fragile ecological environment; weak tourism foundation and extensive development. In order to build Guizhou into a large tourism province and furthermore a strong tourism province, we shall adhere to the strategy of “infrastructure first, opening of integration, merge of development, ecological basis and projects-driven” in view of the closeness and long-term lagging of Guizhou. In other words, we need to adhere to the concept of opening and give full play to the ecological advantages of Guizhou to participate in the global and domestic labor division with ecological environment and strive to develop the eco-industry, especially the eco-tourism, in addition, we should form a virtuous cycle of primitive ecology and big market, create strong impetus with large projects and build up large structure with industrial merge and regional cooperation, stepping on an road of open, green and leaping development.

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Guizhou Tourism should focus on the transformation of development mode, achieve the optimization and upgrading of the Tourism, in particular, strengthen the construction of transport infrastructure, build a three-dimensional transportation network consisting of “highway, railway, air and river way”, and make efforts to improve accessibility conditions of Guizhou for the travel; strengthen construction of tourism resort projects and products by building a number of holiday resorts to realize the transformation from sightseeing products to vacation products, from single tourism products to diversified tourism products; strengthen the construction of one-stop system of tourism products including the  development, processing, exhibition and marketing of tourism products, so as to enhance the grade of tourism products and expand the scale of tourism products, creating a number of tourism brands with Guizhou characteristics and market competitiveness; continue to strengthen tourism promotion, and make a breakthrough in human resources, information technology and others. Correspondingly, Guizhou will focus on the construction of ten key projects and support projects, including deep development and transformation and upgrading of backbone tourism areas, construction of tourism infrastructure and public service system, cultivation project of new products and new businesses, development projects of four seasons tourism, construction of tourism service elements, industrial integration and development of emerging regnant areas, deep market development and establishment of marketing system, human resource development, technology and informatization construction and demonstration pilots.

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