Research on Urban Tourism Core Competitiveness of Beijing

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After the 1990s, China’s tourism has developed rapidly: on the one hand, the rise of mass tourism and tourism development has created more and more homogenous tourism products in different regions; on the other hand, the cultural and economic development has promoted the demanding level of tourists, and the diversification and individuation of tourism consumption demands, making people pay more and more attention to the feeling and experience during tourism activities. Tourism enterprises shall carry out the consumers-oriented experience management competition to adapt to the changing market demand. Corresponding with the continuous rise of tourism competition in industrial community, the study on the regional tourism competition and cooperation in the academia has also become a hot issue noted by tourism economists and geographers in this period. After the phase of attractions and routes competition, cities, as the basic unit of regional economic development, has obtained a more prominent position in the tourism competition and cooperation; at present, China’s tourism has completely entered the competition era where the cities are the basic units for competition, and cities have become increasingly prominent in the development of Tourism.

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