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2010 China Tourism Academy Summit held at Beijing

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The second China Tourism Academy Summit was held at Beijing.

Du Jiang, Vice chairman of CNTA, President of CTA attended and addressed to the Summit.

After successfully holding the first Summit of China Tourism Academy Summit 2009, the second Summit, hosted by CTA, was held at Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall on Apr. 10 2010. Du Jiang, Vice chairman of CNTA and President of CTA delivered a keynote speech.

Du Jiang indicated that, 2009 was an extraordinary year in China tourism development, although experienced trials we had seen the rainbow eventually. Under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Chinese tourism academia showed great composure in face of double baptisms of international crisis and influenza,  maintained our tourism industry stable and relatively fast growth,the total tourism income amounted to ¥1.29 trillion, increasing by 11.3% over last year. What was more encouraging was that the State Council Opinion on Accelerating Development of Tourism had been officially released on Dec 1st, in which stated clearly that fostering tourism industry into a strategic pillar industry of national economy and more satisfying service industry. On December 18, the Financial and Economic Committee of the National People’s Congress held the first plenary of the Drafting Panel for the Tourism Law. This marked the official start of the drafting work for this law, and came as a strategic decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council eyeing on China’s overall economic and social development. Our tourism industry has thus been fully included into the national strategic system! The national strategy not only brings our tourism industry to new life, but also provides new historic opportunities to tourism scientific researches. Attaching great importance to the scientific researches on tourism, the CNTA set itself a key task for 2010 to strengthen theoretic researches on tourism. To solicit good advice and ideas, CNTA continued to invite experts and scholars to the National Tourism Working Conference 2010. To implement Document No. 41 of the State Council, Chairman Shao Qiwei and other leaders of the CNTA accepted the advice from the academic members of the CTA, successfully set up the scientific research project approval in 2009, and this year it launched scientific research project prize award. The tourism industry has finally established its own mechanism of provincial or ministry level scientific research project approval and prize award.

Mr. Shen Baojia, famous Chinese tourism scholar and academic advisor of CTA, Doctor Francesco Lanniello, Minister of The European Union tourism department, etc attended the Summit.

The Summit was attended by responsible persons of the relative departments and directly affiliated institutions of CNTA, and delegates from Tourism Tribune, Tourism Management, Tourism Science, etc. Mr. Ding Xiaoliang, Vice President of Ctrip.com, delivered a speech on behalf of the sponsor of the Summit. Mr Zhang Jianzhong, Director of the Department of Policy and Legal Affairs of CNTA announced the project approval results on behalf of CNTA. Experts from various Chinese tourism education and research institutes attended the Summit. Almost all established experts from the relevant fields attended the Summit and presented their respective conference articles.

Under the theme of “Following Practice, Leading Development” Professor Wei Xiao’an, Director of Academic Committee of CTA summarized last year’s tourism practice in area of the scale of tourism investment and the tourism development of fast speed, large real estate, low cost, etc, a total of 12 aspects. Under the title of “Illustration of Chinese tourism academic research tasks and direction set forth in Document 41--Serving National Strategy, Bravely Shouldering Historic Responsibility”, Mr. Shi Peihua, Vice-president and researcher of CTA, put forward and analyzed 10 major research projects supporting Chinese tourism sustainable development; Doctor Francesco Ianniello, Minister of The European Union tourism department delivered a speech on sustainable development; Mz Myriam Jansen Verbeke, a tenured honorary professor from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, also a researcher of International Tourism Research Institute delivered a speech on heritage sustainable development; Professor Song Haiyan, Vice-president of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University delivered a speech on the research of Hong Kong tourist satisfaction index; Professor Zhang Lingyun, President of the Research Institute of Tourism Development of Beijing International Studies University delivered a speech under the theme of “Present Status and Future Perspectives of China National Tourism Academic Research of Year 2009—based on the statistic analysis of China’s 4+1 academic journals and thesis”; Mr. Xie Yanjun President of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics delivered a speech on “Three Aspects of Tourism --- Illustrating Tourism from Standpoints of Government, Academy, and Industry”

In the afternoon, three-groups special discussions were held on the three topics of youth forum, document discussion and hotspots prospect. Professor Shen Baojia, academic advisor of CTA, famous tourism scholar, delivered a speech on tourism research methods and strategic development of tourism. He pointed out that making academic research, for one thing, we should breakdown all kinds of regulations and restrictions, and for another use correct methods so as to find right direction. He also gave his expectation to the young generation: “pursuing more, and constantly transcending themselves”. Dai Bin, Vice-president of CTA, made a concluding speech, in which he pointed out that academic mission of Chinese tourism academia should correlate closely with national strategy; time providing a very profitable market foundation for us, so letting us undertake our responsibility in international tourism academy and Chinese tourism development process. CTA is willing to establish itself as a platform for everyone, through conferences, academic research projects approval and prize award, and other research subjects, to strengthen our cooperation with international counterparts including European nations; work closely with industry and academy filed, as well as government to achieve our common goals.
Participants said the Summit was very productive and fruitful.

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