2012 CTA’s External Institutions’ Annual Working Conference was held in Shanghai_China Tourism Academy

2012 CTA’s External Institutions’ Annual Working Conference was held in Shanghai

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On 23-24 Dec, 2011, CTA’s external institutions’ annual working conference was successfully held in CTA’s Research Center of Urban Tourism (Shanghai Normal University) . The subject of the conference was “academic community and young talents cultivation”. The representatives from 12 CTA’s external institutions and 8 observing units and students from Shanghai Normal University, nearly 100 attended the Conference. Xinhua News-Agency, People.com.cn, China Tourism News, Travel Sohu.com, Travel Times and other media conducted the full report on the Conference.

The conference was divided into three parts; there were external institutions’ annual working summary and plan; academic exchange; and release of remarkable achievements of 2011.

Dai Bin, president of CTA made a special speech on “Young talents cultivation is the strategic mission of the academic community”. In his speech he emphasized that as the youth grow up, they become the principal force to spread and create the tourism academic research, currently, the top priority in developing the tourism discipline is to lead the youth to spread the tourism culture. So the young scholars must shoulder the strategic mission of conducting this academic research.

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