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2012 China Tourism Academy Summit held in Beijing

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2012 China Tourism Academy Summit was held on April 21-22 in Beijing’s Prime Hotel. Themed with “Problems Orientation and Theories Construction”, the Summit was organized by the China Tourism Academy and sponsored by ctrip.com. China National Tourism Administration Vice Chairman Du Jiang attended the Summit and addressed the audience. China Tourism Academy President Dai Bin hosted the opening ceremony in the morning and delivered a closing speech on the afternoon of April 21.

Vice chairman Du Jiang said in his speech that such a meeting is necessary for China’s tourism development, where we called tourism big think together, with more profound and comprehensive understanding of tourism phenomenon formed. The theme of this annual meeting is "Problems Orientation and Theories Construction", which quite agrees with the demand of Chinese tourism rapid development.

He stressed that as far as the development of tourism theory, the focus of our work should be shifted to the tourism results themselves. The tendency of instrumentalism should be overcome, as well as the tendency of considering something as it stands. Further discussion on specific phenomenon’s essential and regularity issues should be made. Scientific theories are the abstract of concrete practices, only based on practices and higher than practices, can theories play a more universal guiding role in practices.

President Dai Bin presided over the opening ceremony in the morning, and summarized the meeting held in the afternoon. He pointed out that young scholars should bear in mind of "Establishing a mind for heaven and earth; establishing the way for people of today; carrying on the lost learning of the sages of yesterday; and finding the “Great Peace” for the following generations" for scholarship pursuit. Senior scholars have guided young people’s growth with encouragement and tolerance, thus laying a solid foundation for tourism development. Young people should cherish this chance. He hoped that young people , in the process of future discipline construction, should pursue scholarship with the mentality of “head-on-earth” solid land , only in this way can we live up to the era and our motherland.


Responsible persons of relevant departments, affiliated institutions of CNTA and representatives from the sponsor of the Summit as well as experts and scholars from all parts the country, nearly 200 people, attended the Summit.

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