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Launching Ceremony of China Tourism Dictionary Took Place in Shanghai

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On May 15, 2012, China Tourism Dictionary had the grand launch of its first publication at Galaxy Hotel in Shanghai. The ceremony, hosted by Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Academy, with attendance of Shao Qiwei, Chairman of China National Tourism Administration, and Zhao Wen, deputy mayor of Shanghai.

In his speech, Shao Qiwei said the compilation and publication has been one of the major fundamental programs as a theoretical guidance for Chinese tourism sector. As a product of cooperation between government, business, academics and research in the tourism, the dictionary was authoritative and generally represented the level of understanding of Chinese tourism and related academic community on tourism-related basic concepts. It served as the foundation for the establishment of theoretic system in the tourism sector and clarified several theoretic controversies and misunderstandings in tourism. Consequently it will become the basics underlying the establishment and development of the tourism theories. It was an important vehicle reflecting the practices in the development of the Chinese tourism sector and demonstrating the achievements and experience in the development of the Chinese tourism and will help China have a greater position over the international tourism sector.

Daibin announced the beginning of the ceremony where he gave a brief introduction to the background and process of the compilation of China Tourism Dictionary. He pointed out that its compilation was a result of the development of the sector, theoretic building and the accumulation in the academic community up to a certain point, also an important fundamental theoretical program attached great importance to by China National Tourism Administration, which had mobilized nation-wide efforts to it. Its compilation and publication had been largely attributed to the leadership and promotion of Chinese tourism decision-makers. China Tourism Academy included it into the major tasks and formed a research team led by president Dai to coordinate and deal with major issues in the dictionary and to put together tourism academics across the country to tackle difficult issues. Its preface was written by Shao Qiwei, its editor in chief and Chairman of CNTA. Being the first large reference book on tourism in China, it was characterized by innovation, authoritativeness and practice orientation, filling the vacancy in the academic foundation in the tourism sector in China and the world.


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