2013 CTA’s External Institutions’ Annual Meeting was held in Huaqiao University_China Tourism Academy

2013 CTA’s External Institutions’ Annual Meeting was held in Huaqiao University

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On 28th -29th Dec, CTA’s External Institutions Annual Meeting was smoothly held in CTA’s Tourism Safety and Security Research Center (Huaqiao University). The meeting themed with“Professional Spirits and Social Services”, and representatives from 12 external institutions and 10 observing units and students from Huaqiao University, nearly 300 people attended the meeting. 

In the afternoon of December 28, the symposium on external institutes' work summary of 2012 and work plan of 2013 was held. Two branches and 10 external institutions, including Research Center for Tourism Safety and Security, had annual work summary and work plan outlook of 2013 centering around their organizational construction, academic researches and social services, and conducted in-depth discussions on further promoting the development of external institutions, measures of social services and other contents. According to the statistics, the 12 external institutions totally published nearly 30 monographs and textbooks; 170 research reports and theses, undertook nearly 120 projects at different levels and 70 social service projects in their respective fields. 


President Dai Bin delivered a keynote speech on "Social Services are the Inevitable Course for the Development of Academic Community". He pointed out that tourist industry practice needs more social services from the academic community; China's tourism education and scientific research is developing at the same pace with the tourist industry, in nowadays and the future, the development of tourist industry puts forward higher, wider and more urgent requirements on the theoretical workers of higher education and scientific research institutions. He thinks that the effective participation in social services is the inevitable course for the development of tourism academic community with Chinese characteristics, and also the inevitable course for the growth of young scholars, and the tourism academic community to cultivate great masters. 



On December 29, China Tourism Academy 2013 Annual Meeting on External Institutes' Work released academic forum and achievements, had a "CTA (Postgraduate) Award Program" executive summary and the awarding ceremony as well as other contents. Scholars from 12 external institutes as well as the Institute of tourism policy and strategy studies, Institute of tourism industry and enterprise development, Institute of international tourism development, and Institute of regional tourism planning and development of CTA conducted in-depth discussions on the following topics: "Wild China and Ecological Civilization Development Promotes Tourism's Sustainable Development", "Tourism Development and New Urbanization", and "Implementation of the Paid Leave and National Leisure" "Tourism Professional Practice and Off Campus Tourist Industry Practice". CTA Kunming branch, Research Center of Tourism Development in Western China, Research Center for Tourism Safety and Security and Research Center of Hospitality Industry released symbolic research results of 2012, respectively.

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