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2013 China Tourism Academy Summit Held in Beijing

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2013 China Tourism Academy Summit was held in Beijing from April 20th to 21st. Themed with "Expertise and Social Service", the Summit was organized by the China Tourism Academy and co-sponsored by ctrip.com and HNA Tourism. China National Tourism Administration Vice Chairman Du Jiang and Wu Wenxue, member of the Leading Party Group and director of Department of Planning, Development and Finance, CNTA, attended the Summit and addressed the audience. China Tourism Academy vice President Zhang Dong hosted the Summit.


Du Jiang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He indicated that currently, the tourism industry development more urgently demands for tourism researches, and the scope is more extensive. Beside the theoretical research and construction to the subject itself, the academia needs to reconstruct the contemporary tourism development theory, systematically solve a series of problems occurred in the development of tourism, then let theoretical innovation promote transformation and industry practice. Tourism research with Chinese characteristics needs to be in line with industry practice, but should not always subject to it. He expected that while focusing on industry development, the academia should also strengthen the research funds input,database and laboratories construction as well as other academic infrastructure, actively create liberal and democratic research environment, and encourage exploring with freedom.


President Dai Bin emphasized in the concluding remarks that as a tourism scholar, first we have to master excellent language expression, creative and learning ability, especially the ability to learn wisdom, only with them can we constantly improve ourselves. The reason of raising social service issue is that there would be no future of China's tourism academic research without it, and tourism scholars cann't develop without it either.


Responsible persons from CNTA relevant departments, affiliated institutions of CNTA , and representatives from the co-sponsors, as well as experts and scholars from all parts of the country, nearly 200 people, attended the Summit.

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