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China Tourism Review 2013

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China Tourism Review 2013


High-end Forum
To Promote the Practices of Building Beautiful China via Theoretical Innovation
Tourism Development Needs More Diverse and Higher-level Business Innovation
Industry and Academia Work Together to Achieve the Dream of Beautiful China
To Promote Tourism Practices via the Concept of Lean Services
To Make Tourists into a Value-creation Partner of Enterprises
Tourism Management Researches Urgently Need Localization
Basic Theory
Political Analysis of Tourism Development
Phenomenological Reflection on the Proposition of "Professional Competence and Social Services" for Tourism
Comprehensive Review on Low Employment Rate and High Demission Rate among Students Majoring in Tourism
Review on China's Tourism Researches in 2012--A Statistical Analysis Based on 19 Kinds of Tourism Specialty and Related Journals
Industry Research
Policy Support for Micro- and Small-sized Tourism Enterprises and Its Innovative Model - A Case Study of Shanghai
Labor Mobility among Informal Tourism Employment: Who Enters and Who Exits - A Case Study of Surveys on Informal Tourism Sectors of Qingdao and Yantai
An Empirical Study on Tourism Image Slogan and Promotion of the States in the U.S.
Research on Development Strategies for the Public Weather Services of Tourism
Measurement Model of Hotel Management Identity and Its Empirical Study
Research on the Effects of Tourist Value Experience in Amusement Parks on the Attachment to Parks--A Case Study of China Dinosaurs Park in Changzhou
Regional Tourism
A Comparative Study on the Development Model of Ancient Village Tourism Based on Different Development Subjects--A Case Study of Qikou, Huangcheng and Hougou in Shanxi Province
The Sun Goes Down: Discussion on the Cultural Traits of Beijing Hutong Tour
Research on Dynamic Empowerment Path of Residents from the Perspective of Ethnic Communities Involved in Tourism--A Case Study of Yading, Daocheng County, Sichuan Province
CTA Summit
Professional Competence and Social Services--China Tourism Academy Summit 2013 (I)
Destination Marketing and Industrial Innovation--China Tourism Academy Summit 2013 (II)
Research Updates
Research Projects of China National Tourism Administration in 2013

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