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2014 China Tourism Academy Summit Held in Beijing

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From April 19 to 20, 2014 China Tourism Academy Summit was ceremoniously held in Beijing. The theme of this year summit was “Formation and Development of Academic Thought”. China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) Vice Chairman Du Jiang attended the Summit and made a keynote speech.

Vice Chairman Du Jiang pointed out that China’s tourism economy kept growing, and we had the largest domestic tourism market and the largest outbound tourism market in the world, as well as the inbound tourism market which also ranked among the top ones in the world. Mr. Du recognized that the prosperity and reform of tourism industry practices would result in actual requirements for tourism theory innovation and academic thought upgrade. And he acknowledged that in the past more than 30 years, a great deal of documentations, materials, data and the development cases of local governments and enterprises had been accumulated in research on China’s tourism industry, but there was much room for improvement in the research quality.    

Mr. Du emphasized that the formation of tourism academic thought could be realized if China’s tourism research institutions and tourism educators had more confidence in theory innovation, paid more attention to the leading thoughts in the world’s tourism discipline, and took more consideration of the State’s strategic plan on the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences. He hoped that experts and scholars of tourism could not only “know the theory” but also “research in practice”, and take a scientific way to study and evaluate the State’s actual situations and tourism development trend, so as to form tourism academic thought and maximally serve China’s great development of tourism industry. 

Representatives from related departments and affiliations of CNTA, the summit’s co-sponsors, and media organizations, as well as experts and scholars of tourism academia from all parts of the Country, totally more than 200, attended the Summit. Mr. Zhou Jiucai, Deputy Director of Department of Policy and Legal Affairs of CNTA, announced the list of 2014 scientific research projects and the list of winners for 2013 China National Tourism Administration Award of Excellent Academic Achievements and presented the awards.

Later, an award ceremony speech was made by Associate Professor Feng Xiang of Shanghai Normal University on the behalf of the winners of the CNTA Excellent Academy Award in 2013.

The keynote speeches in the morning of April 19 were chaired by Director Song Ziqian of China Tourism Academy’s Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies. Prof Ma Bo, a member of the Academic Committee of China Tourism Academy and Dean of the School of Tourism, Qingdao University,Prof Lu Lin from Anhui Normal University,Pro Gu Huimin, Dean of the School of Hospitality Management, Beijing International Studies University and Prof Guo Lufang from Zhejiang Gongshang University made a keynote speech under the titel of “Concurrent of the Four Sources, Interaction of the Two Elements, and Enrichment of China’s Tourism Academic Thought”, “Reflection on China’s Tourism Research”, “Research on the Academic Influence of Chinese Hospitality Management Scholars” and “Leisure: Return of a Beginner’s Heart” respectively.

The afternoon’s three separate seminars were chaired by CTA Vice President Zhang Dong. During the seminars, the tourism experts and the tourism enterprise representatives made the deep and detailed discussions on the issues of  “Business Type Innovation and Theory Construction in the Era of Mobile Tourism”, “Cultivation of New Tourism Ecosphere”, and “Regional Tourism Innovation Practice and the State’s Tourism Development Strategy”.

The Seminars on Academic Thought Research in the morning of April 20 was chaired by CTA Vice President Zhang Dong. The themes of the three parallel seminars were “Academic Research and Practical Interaction from International View”, “Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research”, and “Cultivation of Theory Abstract Power” respectively. 

In the closing ceremony speech, CTA President Dai Bin pointed out that this year summit focused on the formation of academic thought, for he hoped to discuss with the experts and scholars about the question that was concerning or would concern tourism academia, i.e. what was the purpose of tourism development, and the key to solve this problem was to listen to others’ opinions in dialogues.

President Dai emphasized that we should first learn how to listen to the opinions of governments and enterprises. According to President Dai, in the process of listening to others’ opinions in dialogues, we could develop theory abstract power, which could lead to academic achievement and academic thought; this was a belief; the concept of tourism development in new era should be aimed at more people’s participation and more sharing of quality products; we should try our best for the citizens’ right to tourism; we should provide service, establish cooperation and lead the trend of tourism development in dialogues, specially those with the international tourism research institutions in the light of research methodology and theory innovation. 

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