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2015 China Tourism Academy Summit Held in Beijing

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China Tourism Academy Summit 2015 (CTAS) was held in Beijing from April 26 to 27, 2015. Mr. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), attended and addressed this annual summit.

In his speech, Mr. Du Jiang pointed out that at a time when the role of science and technology as a primary productive force is increasingly prominent across the world, well-organized researches on tourism sciences will bring forth a more productive industry. Researchers concerned should proactively undertake the task of setting up a theoretical system of modern tourism development and providing theoretical and intellectual support for a thriving industry and economy.

He stressed that entrepreneurship and innovation, an ongoing campaign prioritized by CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao in the Work Report of National Tourism 2015, merit the attention of researchers. Every action and every initiative under “Strategy 515” put forward in the Report were designed to provide a favorable environment for such campaign. Today, as mass entrepreneurship and innovation have become a new engine of China’s economy, so is the mushrooming of innovative and entrepreneurial programs and teams propelling the development of tourism, which should attract attention of academic researchers.

At the Summit, the result of 2015 CNTA scientific research projects was unveiled, as were the winners of 2014 CNTA Award of Excellent Academic Achievements. Mr. Du presented the Award.

The afternoon of April 27 marked the Award Ceremony for Innovative People in China’s Tourism. President Dai Bin presented the award of “Tourism Thinker” to Dr. Liang Jianzhang, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Ctrip.com, as well as the company’s entrepreneurial team, for their outstanding contribution to China’s tourism development. Tang Lan, Senior Vice-president of Ctrip.com, received the award on behalf of the CEO.

President Dai Bin also granted the Excellent Dissertation Award of CTAS 2015 and delivered a closing speech themed “I believe”. He said that since the reform and opening-up, the increasing diversification of social value orientations has created ideal conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship. Academics should integrate researches with practices, provide theoretical guidance for entrepreneurs, and promote the development of tourism.

The Summit attracted over 200 participants including officials from relevant departments, offices and subordinate entities of CNTA, representatives from co-organizers and the press, as well as tourism experts and professionals from all parts of the country.

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