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National Tourism Data Center Established

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In order to meet the requirements of the national strategy and tourism industry development in the new situations, the National Tourism Data Center was established on December 3, 2015 in Beijing. The inauguration ceremony and press conference had tens of press agencies and distinguished guests including CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao, Vice Chairman Du Jiang, Party Discipline Supervisor Liu Jinping, Vice Chairman Li Shihong, Vice Chairman Wang Xiaofeng, the Party Leadership Group Member Wei Hongtao, as well as Deputy Director Lin Tao of the Department of Trade and External Economic Relations Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, National Tourism Data Center Director Dai Bin and the heads of relevant departments and divisions of CNTA.   


The core mission of National Tourism Data Center is to conduct China tourism industry statistics and economic accounting; and it aims to serve as a national platform for tourism statistics, tourism data analysis, supporting decision-making on tourism, guiding the relevant industries, and international exchange and cooperation.  

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