Colombia’s Ambassador to China Visited CTA_China Tourism Academy

Colombia’s Ambassador to China Visited CTA

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On the afternoon of November 28, Mr. Oscar Rueda, Colombia’s Ambassador to China, led a delegation to CTA for discussions on China-Colombia tourism cooperation and development.

Mr. Oscar Rueda asked about China’s inbound and outbound tourism market and tourism industry, and then discussed challenges to closer China-Colombia tourism ties. Increased Chinese visitors to Colombia would be of significant help to narrow the country’s long-term travel trade deficit with China, he noted.

Dai Bin pointed out that inadequate non-governmental exchanges had led to lack of mutual understanding, which in turn held back the growth of tourism flows between the two countries. To this end, he suggested increase visits and exchanges between senior leaders, facilitate tourist visa, and China-Colombia direct and connecting flight arrangements, and equip Colombian service industry—including taxi, hotel, and catering sectors—with Mandarin-speaking staff to make Chinese tourists feel at home in  Colombia.

During the meeting, both sides agreed to co-organize forums on China-Colombia tourism development.

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