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CTA Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with European Travel Commission

2017-2-28 15:25:26       Size:[L  M  S]

On February 27, Eric Philipatt , Director General for Internal Market and Industry, European Commission and Eduardo Santander, Executive Director of European Travel Commission (ETC) visited CTA.

President Dai Bin introduced features of China’s current outbound tourism and raised suggestions for China-European tourism. He said that Europe was the most favored long-distance tourist destination for Chinese tourists but it started to face pressures from stronger North American, South American and African markets in recent years. He suggested that European countries pay attention to the rising Chinese middle-class, grasp opportunities to develop attractive tourism products, and expand market share through new channels like OTA.

Eduardo Santander mentioned that ETC would establish long-term and solid partnership with CTA and hoped that cooperation between the two organizations would fuel China-European tourism.

During the meeting, CTA and ETC signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 2018 “EU-China Tourism Year”. According to the agreement, the two sides will start a data exchange mechanism regularly exchanging market- or industry-related data, jointly publish research reports, jointly promote “Welcome Chinese” certification to expand its application in European market and to help the EU market know Chinese tourists’ consumption behaviors better.

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