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CTA Held 2016 Work Review Meeting

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On the morning of December 30, President Dai Bin of China Tourism Academy (CTA) chaired CTA 2016 work review meeting. President Dai Bin and Vice President Zhang Dong respectively reviewed their work and Party building work in 2016. All institutes’ directors reported their own work and their institutes’work in 2016.

At the meeting, instructions on CTA’s work in 2016 made by CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao and Vice Chairman Du Jiang were conveyed. Vice President Zhang Dong reviewed CTA work in 2016 on behalf of CTA leadership.

President Dai Bin emphasized the key tasks in the coming 2017. He pointed out that 2017 was critical for comprehensively promoting the building of Data Center and National High-end Think Tank. CTA will gather strength and build a better image focusing on “Year of Academic Promotion”. It will expand academic promotion platforms and channels to widely spread thoughts, step up efforts in tourism think tank, data center, academic achievements and research team-building, and enhance international exchange and cooperation to make the voice of China’s tourism heard. CTA will, in adherence to the requirements by the central government and CNTA’s core tasks, keep consolidating the results of “learning the CPC Constitution and rules, learning the speeches by Xi, and being a qualified party member” program and achievements of correction after inspection. CTA will improve staffing and cultural building for the Party, mass and administrative organizations so as to improve social services in an all-round way and celebrate the 19th CPC National Congress with excellent achievements.

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