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Dai Bin Led a Team to Investigate Data Center Development in Guangdong Province

2017-3-9 10:44:50       Size:[L  M  S]

In order to carry out instructions made by CNTA leaders about assisting local-level tourism data center building, President Dai Bin led a team to Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province to investigate tourism statistics and data center development and held a thematic symposium on March 8. Present at the symposium were Mei Qijie, Deputy Director General of Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province, Yu Ying, Deputy Director of Guangdong Tourism Research Center, Sun Zhaohui, Director of Guangdong Tourism Development Promotion Center and experts from Jinan University. In-depth discussions were held centering upon Guangdong’s big data center building as well as acquisition and application of tourism big data.

President Dai Bin said that Guangdong’s data center development made achievements in fields of innovating organizational systems of the tourism data center and widely mobilizing enterprises, public institutions and universities of all types at all levels. He hoped that Guangdong Province establish demand-based development and work mechanisms for the tourism data center, make steady progress in the order of basic projects, platform building, as well as data acquisition and application, and keep expanding professional teams so as to provide reference for data center building in other provinces.

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