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Dai Bin’s Team Held Official Talks with the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism and the Embassy of China in Laos

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On the morning of August 23, in Vientiane, President Dai Bin’s team held an official talk with the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (LMICT).

Director Shun Manon of LMICT Department of Tourism Marketing said that Laos attached great importance to China’s outbound tourism market which was ranked top in the world, took positive promotion image, learned China’s experience of tourist area management, facilitated the convenience of transportation at airports and border ports, by which China-Laos tourism exchange was significantly advanced; and he expressed his expectation that the construction of railway from China to Laos could bring key opportunities for the Lancang-Mekong River Subregion tourism cooperation as well as for the development of Lao tourism industry. 

resident Dai Bin said that the number of Chinese tourists to Laos was increasing in a rapid speed, and there was a great potential for on-going growth; the opening of railway from China to Laos would exert a critical influence on tourism cooperation between the two countries; the upgrade of tourist scale and the increase of individual travelers would need more requirements for the image of a destination, infrastructures construction, commercial environment, and public service, so that the advanced planning and voluntary adaption could be considered; and China Tourism Academy would take effort in optimizing the measures and channels of Lao tourism promotion as well as in strengthening the intensive cooperation between tourism administrations in Laos and China.   

On the afternoon of August 23, President Dai Bin’s team met with Ambassador Wang Wentian of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. President Dai Bin introduced the basic situation of tourism cooperation between China and Laos and the official talk with LMICT, and presented his basic judgment and strategic conception about Lao tourism economy development. Ambassador Wang Wentian introduced the development foundation, potential, and condition of Lao tourism industry, and expressed his hope that under the Belt and Road Initiative and the framework of Lancang-Mekong River Subregion cooperation mechanism, Laos’ internal dynamics could be further upgraded.

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