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Leading Group of the Academy Debrief Reports of Administrative Departments

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On Feb.26, Director Dai Bin, Vice-director Li Zhongguang, Chief Statistician Tang Xiaoyun debriefed the 2018 work planning reports of the Office, Research Administration Department and Academic Advancement Department in No.1016 meeting room. The leading group acknowledged the achievement of the administrative departments in the year 2017 and proposed detailed working requirements in the 2018.

After the report, Director Dai asked all staff of administrative departments thoroughly implement the purpose of Academy and carry out the work in 2018 systematically based on the general goals of the Thirteen Fifth Five-Year Plan of the Academy, especially the administrative working plan. First, play an exemplary role and stick to a precise work style, strictly implement regulations on weekly meeting, work diary and new work time; second, improve work capability by reinforcing professional study, upgrading document writing level, meeting service and business assurance, improving the general qualification of administrative groups; third, accelerate major work in 2018 and put into practice the supervision work.

Li Zhongguang and Tang Xiaoyun gave advices on administrative group process regeneration, capability improvement, the transformation in administrative and service respectively.

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