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Thanks Letters Received to Express Gratitude toward the Preaching on Tourism Development

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During November and December, 2017, Da Bin, Secretary of CPC Branch and the Director of China Tourism Academy was invited by Work Committee of Central Government Departments to deliver give a Party lecture on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Comment on the Theoretical Connotation and Time Significance in Taiyuan Shanxi Province and Fengxian, Shanghai. 

Recently, the Academy received thanks letters from the Work Committee of Central Governments and municipal Party Committee of Taiyuan, expressing gratitude to the support and cooperation in Party Lecture on in-depth study and implementing President Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th NCCPC, and asking for further help in ideological work and excellent lecturers.

The thanks letter by Work Committee of Central Government Department expressed gratitude toward the Director Dai’s instruction on Taiyuan cultural tourism by lecturing in the topic of “the aim of developing tourism is for to bettering people’s living standard”, “comprehensive industrial development”, “the road of all-for-one tourism is right and should be persisted”, “quality upgrading and long-profit achievement should be give priority in developing tourism”, “red tourism should stick to its connotation”, “toilet revolution perfects the quality imperfection”.

Director Dai not only delivered a Party lecture which was high in political level, deep in theory, feasible in practice, strong in persuasion, touchable in sense to basic cadres and staffs, but also proposed valuable and targeted advices and suggestions combined with the basic reality, which showed high political position, level, and professional capability, and was praised by all listeners.  

The thanks letter by municipal Party Committee of Taiyuan said that “Director Dai Bin reached the grass root level and face-to-face preached the spirit of the 19th NCCPC, thoroughly explained President Xi Jinping’s theoretical connotation and time significance in tourism, which was instructive to the cultural tourism development for Taiyuan and was praised by all listeners.”

Director Dai Bin deeply grasps the spirit of the 19th NCCPC, accurately masters the macro policies, and thoroughly understands the situation of grass root. It was agreed unanimously that “the lecture was live, practical and rich, brining the fresh spirit of the 19th NCCPC to us”. “The Party level was high theory, practical in reality, and down to earth, which was necessary to us.”, “It was really surprising that a leader from central national working committee deeply understand the situation in grass root, which made us feel hopeful and confident.”

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