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Du Jiang,Wei Hongtao Visit Cadres and Staffs before Spring Festival

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Vice Director Du Jiang and Wei Hongtao visited the cadres and staffs on Feb. 12th, 2018, and to express New Year’s wishes to everyone.

A meeting was presided by Vice Director Du with the staffs. He said, based on the working principle of “focusing on the central task and serving the overall interest”, the achievement of the Academy and Data Center in 2017 was great in theory provision and data support, and was given high praise by the Party group of the Bureau. Spring Festival holiday has become one of the peak travel season in China, which gives the travel safety and public service work high priority and responsibility, especially in tourism statistics and data release. On behalf of the Party group of the Bureau, he delivered a consolation to all the staff working on data statistics during holiday and wished everyone a happy new year.

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