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Dai Bin Preside Debriefing Meetings on Major Work in 2018

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On Feb.23 to 26, Director Dai Bin visited four Institutes, Statistic Center, Laboratory and Literature & Intelligence Center, debriefing the major work plans in 2018. Director Dai emphasized the significance of academic construction, proposed development goals and detailed requirements based on the major work plans of the entire bureau and Academy and respective working plans of each department. Vice Director Li Zhongguang, Chief Statistician Tang Xiaoyun, Principal Research Song Ziqian of Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies, and personnel concerned of three administration departments.

Director Dai stated that the working theme of the year is literature construction. Each department must earnestly implement the spirit of the 19th NCCPC and National Tourism Meeting. According to the core assignments of Party Group and major work plans, it must be guaranteed that Party construction leads administrative and profession work, tourism development theory research should be reinforced, high level policy-making consult achievement should be produced; the publication and promotion of Contemporary Tourism should be emphasized; the compilation of History of World Tourism should be promoted. Director Dai also encouraged all researchers improve group discipline, thoroughly explore and understand national conditions and tourism development status related to self academic study; work with industry practitioner to make the research accurate and deep; consolidate the purpose of the Academy, i.e. the think tank of the government, the brainpower of the industry and the highland of academic research. 

Li Zhongguang, Tang Xiaoyun and Song Ziqian also expressed working requirement and instructions based on group construction and academic development of each research department.

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