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Sun Ruofeng visited CAT

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May 15th, Sun Ruofeng, Director of Cultural Science & Technology Department visited CAT and surveyed the data system construction and social science project application of CAT. Dai Bin, President of CAT hosted the survey meeting and welcomed the guests led by Director Sun Ruofeng.

Accompanied by President Dai, Sun Ruofeng visited the working place of CAT and was briefly introduced with the general information of the departments and personnel structure. Tang Xiaoyun, Chief Statistician of CAT introduced the construction of data system, which was initiated through the project of tourism economic alarm and national tourist satisfaction survey at the beginning of the establishment of CAT. At present the system consists of three modules: national tourism economic laboratory, national tourism literature information centre and Tourism Big Data Analysis and Acquisition Centre. Based on the acquisition, analysis, development and application, related research achievements have been acknowledged both in domestic and abroad, and were awarded the Ulysses Award of UNWTO twice, and were granted 4 patents. Xia Shaoyan, Director of Science and Research Department, briefly reported the social science projects, especially the project application and award situation of former Ministry of Tourism and of National Social Science.

President Dai Bin noted that there is theory above data and there is thought above theory. The key of tourism data system construction is talent cultivation. He also shared experience on topics selection, application and progress and achievement of CAT, as well as challenges we confront in applying national scientific projects.

Director Sun Ruofeng expressed gratitude toward the hospitality of CAT and acknowledged the relative work. He said that in order to put into practice the spirit of National Conference on Network Safety and Informatization Work, the construction of network safety and informatization of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism needs to understand the work of different departments and units, so as to promote culture and tourism data integration. He also stated that interactions with tourism research departments should be reinforced. Tourism should be included into art projects of national philosophic social science funds and ministerial level projects.

Li Wei, Deputy Director and Zhao Yihong, Associate Inspector of Cultural Science & Technology Department, Wang Lei, Director of Social Science Department, Ning Weiqun, Director and Ma Mingyuan, Deputy Director of Science Technology Department, Yu Qianhe and Qiao Wei, members of Social Science Deparmtnet, Song Ziqian, Chief Researcher of Strategy Institute, Ma Yiliang, Center of Tourism Statistics and Economic Analysis, He Qiongfeng of National Economic Lab and Liu Xiangyan, Post-doctor of CAT attended the survey.

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