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Dai Bin Met Susan Pointer of Google Asia-Pacific

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In the afternoon of April 20, President Dai Bin met guests led by Susan Pointer, Director of Public Policy and Government Affair Department of Google Asia-Pacific in Beijing.

President Dai Bin warmly welcomed Ms Susan Pointer for attending the strategic cooperation document exchange ceremony between CAT and Google Information Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Dai Bin stated that Google China. Dai Bin said that Google enjoys a huge number of users around the world and is an indispensible partner for China in overseas promotion and global network promotion system. He hoped that the two parties would have further cooperation in inbound tourism market research, overseas promotion and publicity on tourism destination, the establishment of network promotion system on tourism and joint market survey.  

Susan Pointer said that she sincerely appreciated the basic theoretical researches as well as the applied and practical researches carried out by CAT. Google is looking forward to cooperate with CAT in tourism research development. Susan Pointer also stated that she believed that the cooperation between CAT and Google (China) would be a great success and appreciated CAT’s work in fulfilling the cooperation between the two parties.

After the meeting, President Dai Bin and Ms Susan Pointer witnessed the strategic cooperation document exchange between CAT and Google (China).

Vivian Liu, Manager of Public Policy and Government Affair Department and Jenna Wang, Manager of Marketing Department of Google Asia-Pacific, and Doc. Jiang Yiyi, Director of Institute of International Tourism, Song Ziqian, Chief Research of Institute of Strategy and Doc Li Chuang of Institute of International Tourism from CAT attended the ceremony.

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