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“SCO Tourism Cooperation Symposium” held in Wuhan

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Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and co-organized by the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) and China Tourism Academy, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO)Tourism Cooperation Symposium was held in Wuhan on May 9. As an important part of the First SCO Tourism Minister Meeting, the theme of this symposium is “Tourism: A New Highlight of the SCO, A New Driving Force for Regional Development”.

Du Jiang, member of the Leading CPC Members Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC and head of the Chinese Delegation, Shri. K. J. Alphons, Indian Minister of State for Tourism, and Duan Qiang, Chairman of the WTA attended and addressed in the symposium. President Dai Bin of China Tourism Academy delivered a keynote speech entitled “Expanding Tourism Exchanges is a Strategic Option for International Cooperation in a New Era”. The opening ceremony of the seminar was hosted by Liu Shijun, Secretary General of the WTA.

Du Jiang pointed out at the opening ceremony that, since its establishment 17 years ago, the SCO has, in light of the Shanghai Spirit, discussed issues as equals, adhered to the principles of mutual benefit and mutual trust, and made positive achievements in maintaining close political contacts, safeguarding regional security and strengthening economic and trade cooperation. As an important channel for people-to-people and cultural exchanges, tourism plays an irreplaceable special role in enhancing mutual trust among nations, stimulating the development of related industries, increasing employment, and improving people’s living standards. The success of First SCO Tourism Minister Meeting opened a new phase to the tourism cooperation among SCO members. Du Jiang put forward three suggestions for the development of the SCO. First, enhancing tourism facilitation and expanding the scale of tourism exchanges. Second, deepening regional cooperation and improving the quality of tourism services. Third, giving play to cultural advantages and strengthening the promotion of and the cooperation between tourism destinations.

Alphons Kannanthanam said in his speech that there is huge cooperation potentials for SCO members and India and further thorough cooperation are needed. Tourism is one of the best ways to reinforce cultural exchange and cooperation. He was looking forward to more cooperation in promoting peaceful development of global tourism.

Duan Qiang pointed out that tourism has become an important cooperation engine for SCO members. The WTA is willing to strengthen information exchange with SCO members to promote tourism cooperation between the WTA and SCO members.

Dai Bin stated in his speech that in light of the impulse by the tourism service trade activities and market players, tourism has entered the core field in international cooperation and is playing more active effects. It is the right time to make tourism one of the strategic topics of SCO, to expand tourism exchange and cooperation among member countries, which would help to better understand and comprehend each other, to bring in new drivers and highlights to the organization. International tourism exchange and cooperation will be of great significance in strategic goals planning, organizational driver and world tourism development system and SCO. He noted that the tourism exchanges among SCO members are in at preliminary stage. There are still a lot of problems in unbalanced market development and inadequate tourism resource development among member countries. The political exchanges are numerous, the economic exchanges are moderate and the tourism exchanges are inadequate. All parties should work together to promote culture, art, education, technology and media interaction through tourism, so as to improve the popularity and favorability among member countries. Government and private organizations should work together to provide safe and convenient services. Government should lead in political innovation and enterprises should lead in market innovation.

Jiang Yiyi, Director of Institute of International Tourism Research, CAT, hosted the panel forum of the symposium. Abdul Khakimov Akis, Chairman of the National Tourism Development Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Tourism Development Commission of the Republic of Tajikistan, Abeduhud Ozad Nuumen, Zamankurov Azat, Deputy Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism and Director of the Department of Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic. Chen Wenjie, Director of the Tourism Industry Institute under China National Travel Service Group Corporation, Liu Jungang, Chairman of Hubei Yuxi Ecological Tourism Investment Co., Ltd, Zhong Linsheng, Deputy Director of the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Ma Yong, Dean of Institute of Tourism Development Research, Hubei University, attended the panel. Guests discussed the topic: “Tourism: New Highlight of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, A New Driving Force for Regional Development” and explicated the statues and future of tourism cooperation among SCO members and its positive effects to the future development of SCO. It was unanimously agreed that all member countries and public departments should work more on Visa facilitation, inter-connection and communication, infrastructure construction and public services improvement, which are important for strengthening tourism cooperation. Enterprises and institutes related to tourism industry should reinforce cooperation in product, investment, insurance, scientific education, deep industrial integration, therefore to fulfill the tourism subject expansion from government to enterprises and institutes, and cooperation field from boundary areas to more spatial area, and cooperation factors from market to capital, technology and human resources.  

More than 300 attendants participated the symposium, including directors of tourism department from SCO members, representative of provincial and municipal tourism companies, educational and research organizations, as well as media representatives.

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