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CTA Won the First National Invention Patent

2018-11-27 8:53:11       Size:[L  M  S]

Lately, China Tourism Academy (CTA) won its first national invention patent: Tourism Data Research and Monitoring System (Grant No.: ZL 2015 1 0235767.7).

This System is an important achievement of the National Laboratory for Tourism Economy in 2013 and a core component of the new media monitoring and research platform. Data research, analysis, research process quality control and report generation are integrated in the System. The front-end research and data collection part leverages the multi-channel data collection technology, while the data analysis part embeds the CTA-developed models and algorithms.

In recent years, in active response to the national mass innovation policy, CTA has enhanced support and guidance for technological innovation and encourage appropriate scientific research projects to apply for national invention patents. Now CTA has two patents and a series of copyright registration certificates being accepted.

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