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The “Belt and Road” Urban Tourism Alliance Annual Meeting and 2018 Seminar on Tourism Service Industry Held in Kaifeng

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On October 15, the “Belt and Road” Urban Tourism Alliance Annual Meeting and 2018 Seminar on Tourism Service Industry was held in Kaifeng. The event, was hosted by China Tourism Academy (CTA), Henan Tourism Administration, Kaifeng People’s Government and Henan University, with the theme of “Tourism Makes Cities More Vibrant”. Leaders including Mr. Jiang Jiding, Director of Henan Tourism Administration, Mr. Gao Jianjun, Mayor of Kaifeng, Mr. Liu Zhen, Vice Mayor of Kaifeng, Dr. Yang Honghao, Deputy Director of the CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development and Mr. Cheng Suiying, Dean of Institute of Cultural Tourism, Henan University presented. Other participants include domestic tourism enterprises such as Hellobike, Fullshare Holdings, ENN Group, Mafengwo, Joyu Group, Meituan Travel, China Eastern, Central China New Life, Netscape Wisdom, Beidou Travel, International Tourism Exchange (China) Co., Ltd. and Sunriver, local tourism entities such as Millennium City Park and Bianliang Xiao Song City, members of the “Belt and Road” Urban Tourism Alliance, as well as central and local media reporters and network celebrities, totaling over 150 people.

The morning meeting was presided over by Mr. Liu Zhen. Mr. Jiang Jiding and Mr. Gao Jianjun gave an opening address, respectively. Mr. Jiang praised Henan as an important node with rich historical culture and countless cultural relics and Kaifeng, one of the eight ancient capitals, along the “Belt and Road”. He believed that through profound exchanges on development experience, in-depth cooperation can be fully enhanced to work out new that can add new vitality into the cultural tourism belt of the Silk Road.

Mr. Gao Jianjun addressed: Kaifeng is characterized by tourism and its advantage is culture. Kaifeng’s development orientation: “Building an Openness-based International Cultural Tourism and Modern Service City in Central China” will advance its cultural tourism to a higher and wider field. This event will promote the supply-side reform of the travel service industry and upgrade the cultural tourism industry to further deepen exchanges and cooperation among members of the “Belt and Road” Urban Tourism Alliance. Based upon the advanced development experience in cultural tourism and the results of the 2018 China Tourism Service Industry Development Report, Kaifeng will further deepen cooperation with superior departments, members of Urban Tourism Alliance, and corporate groups for cooperation and win-win at a higher level.

In the morning keynote session, speeches include the Road to Innovation in Tourism Supply Chain by Guo Dongdong, Senior Vice President of Fullshare Holdings, the Hellobike to Support Holistic Tourism by Han Mei, Hellobike COO, the Trend of Personalized Niche Travel by Sun Yunlei, Marketing Director of Mafengwo, the Thinking of Ovation Tourism Business Innovation by Li Huiling, Strategic and Intelligent Operation Director of Ovation Tourism of ENN Group, the IP Front-End, Adding Motivation to New Tourism Consumption by Chen Yazhou, General Manager of Joyu Lvmama Group in Central China Region, and the Meituan Hotel to Support the Development of Big Accommodation by Feng Jie, Senior Consultant of Meituan Travel.

In the morning special report release session, Dr. Zhang Yang from the CTA Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development  released the 2018 China Tourism Service Industry Development Report and shared core views and main data on the operational characteristics of China’s travel service industry, industrial top governance mechanism, market size and structure, and development of industry participants in 2017 as well as innovation trends and development proposals.

In the Alliance exchange session, a travel promotional film From Kaifeng to the World was displayed and the host Kaifeng shared the classical cultural tourism of the Song Dynasty, which impressed the present.

The afternoon meeting was chaired by Dr. Yang Honghao. In the special report release session, Mr. Cheng Suiying released the 2018 China Cultural Tourism Development Report. Structured into the overview part, the industry part and the feature part, the Report comprehensively reviews the development of domestic cultural tourism, tourism performances, theme parks, museum tours, theme hotels and traditional Chinese medicine in 2017, shares the division and evaluation on festivals and international cultural tourism cities, and judges the development trend of cultural tourism.

In the afternoon keynote session, Mr. Shi Zhu, Founder of BON APP, Mr. Gu Wei, General Manager of Shanghai Airlines Holiday, Ms. Zhou Jianhui, Vice President of Central China New Life, Mr. Li Tianyu, President of Netscape Wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Mr. Gao Jianbiao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Millennium City Park Scenic Spot delivered the speeches Foreigners in China are the Best Spokesperson for Inbound Tourism, Changes in Traditional Travel Agencies, New Tourism, Heartfelt Service, Large-scale Scenic Eco-architecture Model of Holistic Tourism in China and Exploration of Tourism Development Model for Millennium City Park, respectively.

The roundtable discussion themed “Travel Creates a Better City”, was presided over by Mr. Yang Honghao. The present includes Ms. Ren Feng, CEO of Beidou Travel, Mr. He Hongguang, President of International Tourism Exchange (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Guo Dongdong, Vice President of Fullshare Holdings, Mr. Wang Yucai, Head of Hellobike Scenic Project, Mr. Shi Zhiwei, Marketing Director of Qiyunshan Investment Group, Sunriver Holdings, and Mr. Liu Ming, General Manager of Bianliang Xiao Song City.

During the meeting, the representatives inspected rich tourism resources and products, experienced the cultural atmosphere during the Song Dynasty, sensed the changes made to build an international cultural tourism city, and experienced the vitality brought by tourism to Kaifeng.

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