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Seminar on Holistic Tourism Innovative Model City Hangzhou Held in Beijing

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On October 31, 2018, the Seminar on Holistic Tourism Innovative Model City Hangzhou hosted by the China Tourism Academy (CTA) took place in Beijing. Mr. Li Shihong, Party Committee Member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, attended and addressed. Mr. Fu Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Department of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Zhao Haidong, Deputy Secretary General of Hangzhou People’s Government and Mr. Zhang Hongbin, Director of Hangzhou Tourism Committee, made keynote speeches. President Dai Bin presided over the Seminar. Representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Zhejiang Department of Culture and Tourism and Hangzhou Tourism Department, renowned experts and scholars from the CAS and Beijing International Studies University, and media reporters presented, totaling over 70 people.

Mr. Li Shihong highly affirmed the theoretical research results and the innovative holistic tourism practice in Hangzhou. He pointed out in his speech that holistic tourism must strengthen innovation practice, enhance scientific research, combine theory with practice, embrace the future, and undertake the missions and responsibilities. Only clear theory can lead to firm politics. We must boost the systematic research on holistic tourism, especially on its supply system, marketing system and comprehensive governance system. Developing holistic tourism requires a sense of mission to actively serve the major national strategies such as the “Belt and Road”, the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the rural vitalization.

Mr. Dai Bin said that this Seminar functions for topic demonstration, special research and on-site training. Research institutes and the academic community should strengthen systematic research on the holistic tourism system, bravely bear the missions, explore the objective laws in tourism development, hold up the theoretical construction of tourism development, embrace the future, and implement the people-centered concept into practice.

On behalf of the Research Team, Deputy Researcher Han Yuanjun reported on the main results of the Holistic Tourism Innovative Model City Hangzhou. The development of holistic tourism in Hangzhou is a natural historical process and a system project implemented based on a blueprint. The essence of the “Model City Hangzhou” can be summarized into “two-wheel drive, city-travel integration, industrial integration, international leadership, joint construction and sharing”.

The CASS Researcher Song Rui, Professor Li Xinjian from Beijing International Studies University, the CAS Researcher Zhong Linsheng and the CTA Researcher Song Ziqian commented on academic results. They agreed that this Seminar is of great significance in solidifying China’s confidence and determination to develop holistic tourism because Hangzhou’s results have strong theoretical, scientific and reference values for other regions in our country.

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