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Cultural and Tourism Market During National Day Holiday

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During the seven days of the National Day Holiday, the cultural demand was strong, tourism consumption was soaring, and the cultural and tourism integrated products were highly sought after. According to the comprehensive estimation of China Tourism Academy (Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism), the number of domestic tourists reached 726 million person/times, with a year-on-year increase of 9.43%, and the domestic tourism revenue reached 599.08 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 9.04%. The number of tourist complaints during the National Day Holiday decreased by 9.25% compared with that during the same period over the previous year. More than 90% of tourists participated in cultural events, among whom, over 40% went to museums, art galleries, libraries and science and technology museums. Cultural demand and tourism market were characterized by a wide range of cultural participation and high frequency, a wide range of tourism consumption with high willingness, wide coverage and high quality of people-benefit cultural activities, wide participation of rational consumption, and high recognition of civilized tourism, which could be summarized as "four-wide, four-high". The development of culture and tourism integration has opened a new chapter of cultural construction and people-benefit tourism in the new era.

I. With strong cultural demand and rising tourism consumption, the fused cultural and tourism products are highly sought after

During the holidays, urban leisure, rural tourism, self-driving tour, sightseeing and other tourism consumption activities were soaring, and the ticket price reduction of scenic spots drove residents' consumption significantly. The grand commemoration of revolutionary martyrs and patriotic education activities were held throughout China. A variety of folk festivals, artistic performances and mass leisure activities were organized, creating a rich festive atmosphere and strong cultural demand.

On Sept. 30, General Secretary Xi Jinping and other Party and state leaders attended the first Martyrs' Day activity after the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Heroes and Martyrs was passed, and presented flowers to the people's heroes. Tourists celebrated the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and accepted patriotic education via different types of activities, such as watching the raising of the national flag, "flashing" the Ode to the Motherland and "I Send Blessings to My Motherland", and visiting museums and red scenic spots. All red tourist attractions in Longyan, Fujian Province launched activities to attract many tourists to cherish the memory of the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. During the holiday, Gutian Tourist Area received a total of 256,000 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 35.6%. Tucheng Scenic Spot in Xishui County of Guizhou Province has built the key red tourism projects such as the Female Chinese Red Army Museum and the Qinggangpo Battle Culture Park, and created red performances of water and light show, such as The Past of Tucheng and Crossing Chishui for the Fourth Time, which were much popular among tourists. During the seven days of the holidays, the number of tourists to the red tourist attractions such as Zunyi Meeting Site and Xishui Tucheng exceeded 50,000. The red tourism in Jinzhou City of Liaoning has become a beautiful scenery highlight. The Liaoshen Campaign Memorial, Heishan Blocking War Memorial Hall, the old site of Jinzhou Frontline Command Post of the Northeast Field Army and Xiaojun Memorial Hall were all crowed with tourists. In the foot painting activity of the Road of Reform held by Fangte Scenic Spot, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, tourists used their feet to paint, making the footprints the color of the picture, and personally participated in the creation of the thematic picture "40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up".

The "2018 Han-style and Chrysanthemum-flavor Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Mountain Mangdang and Han · Family-time Culture Week" was grandly opened in Mangdang Mountain Scenic Area of Yongcheng, Henan Province. Activities of "Thousands of People Taste Han Banquet" and "The Great Han Costume Show" presented the tourists a refreshing feast through time and space.

In "2018 Farmers' Harvest Festival" in Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, a series of rural leisure sightseeing activities were organized in Fuxi Sheli Terrace. The tourists went to the fields, cut the grass, and caught snails and oryzias latipes, experiencing the rural work in depth, which won overwhelming responses.

II. Obvious characteristics of "four-wide, four-highs" of cultural demand and tourism market

1. A wide range of cultural participation and high frequency

According to the Data Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, during the seven days of National Day Holiday, more than 90% of the tourists participated in cultural activities, among whom, over 40% took part in two cultural tours, and more than 40% paid a visit to museums, art galleries, libraries, and science and technology museums. 37.8% of the tourists spent 2-5 days on cultural excursions. According to the data released by major OTA platforms in China, the overall booking volume of cultural scenic spots increased by more than 36% from October 1 to 7, with the most remarkable increase in terms of scenic spots and cultural exhibitions. Such cultural scenic spots as Old Summer Palace, The Palace Museum, Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang Mausoleum were popular, and Beijing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and other cities served as the destinations for cultural scenic spots.

2. A wide range of tourism consumption with high willingness

During the National Day holidays, in Shandong Province, thanks to various resources of the TOP 10 cultural tourist destinations, a series of unique brand activities were coordinated, thereby attracting many tourists and creating a pleasant atmosphere for holiday travel. Thanks to The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Qingdao SCO Summit Site, May Fourth Square, and other important tourists areas were home to hordes of tourists. According to statistics, during the National Day holidays, the Qingdao-based scenic spots (attractions) under monitoring were home to 2.42 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 44%.

The performing-art activities in Yunnan assumed a new look. Tibetan Mystery, spectacular as it is, was made public at Tibetan Mystery Theater in the time-honored scenic spot in Lijiang. In Xishuangbanna, Excellent Show of Dai Minority Group is hotly pursued, with the attendance rate above 70% during the National Day holidays and even 100% from October 2 to 5. Based on a round of environmental-protection projects, during the National Day holidays, Shuanglang, Dali was open to guests, where the local hotels alongside the Erhai and with a number of flowers in full bloom are popular. Thanks to the substantial measures of environmental protection, the tourists felt more comfortable.

3. Wide coverage and high quality of people-benefit cultural activities

There is a sufficient supply of public cultural activities, and ordinary people enjoy their relaxing life in their hometown. People positively took part in the holiday training sessions, parent-child activities and lectures organized by communities and museums, watched the public-welfare films and movies, attended the exhibitions, paid a visit to the museums, and participated in the neighborhood activities. They shared their observations about the new life, and acquired a full sense of happiness.

During 2018 National Day holiday, a total of 69,550 public cultural activities were held in Shanghai, an increase of 20% over the same period in 2017. The most popular activities included Saints - Qinghai Regong Thang-ga Art Exhibition, Light Comedy • Humor Tips for Job Promotion - Tricks for Daily Work, the original comic exclusively-authorized music drama - Midnight Diner (Chinese version), exhibitions launched by Duo Yun Xuan Art Center - Cabinet of Curiousties 2: Magic Museum and Shanghai Booth, as well as Pressure Reduction Exhibition - 18 Types of Upgraded Wonderful Experience. These public cultural activities, rich and extensive as they are, delivered a wonderful National Day holiday to Shanghai citizens and tourists.

Gansu Tourism Development Commission, bringing together the quality products of The Silk Road, launched such tourism-oriented activities as "Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Culture Expo", "Golden Autumn, Beautiful Gansu" "Grassland Forest + Gobi Desert + Glacier and Snow Mountain + Blue Sky and White Cloud", "Diversified Tour around the South of Gansu - Your Poem and Distant Place" and "Hexi Corridor - Cultural Tour of The Silk Road", thus invigorating the holiday market.

4. Wide participation of rational consumption, and high recognition of civilized tourism

The projects of civilized tourism have produced fruitful results, and tourists gradually developed their civilized habits. According to the data released by 12301 - the Platform of Tourism-related Consultation and Complaint, the number of complaints during the 2018 National Day holidays decreased by 9.25%, compared with that in 2017. There is zero record for traffic-related complaints, the number of complaints about tour guide and accommodation witnessed a remarkable decline of 47.06% and 36.36% respectively, and the number of complaints about tourist attractions was the same as that in 2017.

Jiangsu Province made great efforts in improving public service. In Yangzhou, in order to provide traffic ease for tourists, four free-of-charge transfer centers for temporary use were established, a series of sightseeing buses were put into operation free of charge, and 11 parking lots of public institutions were available for non-Yangzhou registered vehicles. In front of the consultation desk of Yixing Tourism Service Center at the exit of Yixing Railway Station, the staff members were devoting their efforts to cater to the needs of tourists. According to different tourists' demands, such special tourism products as cultural tour of ceramics, parent-child experience tour and customized tour were introduced to tourists pertinently. The Laojun Mountain Scenic Spot in Henan Province launched the activity - "1 Yuan Lunch". The tourists could insert coins to get their lunches while the cooks got ready for the food at the hillside. The activity attracted thousands of tourists in a long line, forming the most beautiful scenery line in the scenic spot.

III. Culture and tourism integration, opening a new chapter of cultural construction and people-benefit tourism

Various cultural and tourist activities in which people participated served as a boon for invigorating the cultural and tourist market during the National Day holiday. The related department in different regions, adhering to the concepts of full-fledged tourism, quality tourism, and integration of culture and tourism, made their efforts to deepen the reform of tourism supply-side, and enrich the tourism-related products during the holidays. The traditional and modern dramas and plays performed by the national-level art institutions, such as National Peking Opera Company and National Theatre of China, were well pursued by the audience.

During the National Day holiday, more than 100 rounds of people-benefit public performance of The 3rd Hubei Art Festival were launched, with nearly 20 opera categories such as Peking Opera, Hanchu Opera and Chu Opera, thus delivering a wonderful visual experience to the audience. In Guigang, Guangxi, more than 100 dramas were organized in the countryside, in order to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

In Sichuan Province, measures have been taken to break through the constraints of traditional scenic spots and provide the tourists with a variety of tourism products, such as The 1st Chengdu Street Artists Music Festival, The 4th Rose Cultural Tourism Festival, "The Belt and Road" Sichuan-style Cuisine and Drama - International Culture Week Series, The Tianzhao Mountain Scenic Spot - 2018 Sichuan-Shaanxi-Chongqing (Tianzhao Mountain, Guangyuan) Self-driving Tour and RV (Recreational Vehicle) Camping, Western Music Festival, and other special cultural and tourism activities, which created a rich festive atmosphere for the vast tourists. 

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