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The Second China International Health Tourism Summit Held in Beijing

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On September 7, 2018, the Second China International Health Tourism Summit jointly hosted by the China Tourism Academy (CTA), Beijing Sunny Communications Ltd. and World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies was held in National Agricultural Exhibition Center. This Summit is themed as “Healthy Tourism - Leading a Healthy, Happy and Happy Life”, focusing on how to create quality products suitable for consumers and promote the health tourism to develop in a steady manner.

This Summit received much attention and support from cultural tourism and health departments. Mr. Du Jiang, Party Member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Mr. Zhu Shanzhong, Executive Director of the UNWTO attended. CAE Academician Huang Luqi, CTA President Dai Bin and Zhu Haidong, Deputy Director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine presented and delivered speeches.

Keynote speeches include Mr. Huang Luqi’s “Promoting Integrated Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tourism by with Technical R&D”, Mr. Dai Bin’s “Health Tourism: Vogue, Sci-Tech & Industrialization”, Mr. Zhu Haidong’s “Advance the Reforms to Simplify Procedures, Decentralize Powers, Enhance Supervision, and Optimize Public Services for Better Health Tourism Industrialization”, and Mr. Chen Lixin’s “Development Status Quo and Prospects of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Tourism”.

On Symposium Theme I “Focus on Consumption Upgrading and Contribution to Industry Innovation”, speeches include “Progress and Major Obstacles in China Health Tourism” by Mr. Hou Shengtian, Vice President of Medical Tourism Branch, China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medicine and Healthcare and Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine; “Developing Health Tourism Products Favored among Consumers” by Jana Alexandrova, China Marketing Manager of Asisa Group and “Regenerative Therapy to Reshape the Future of Mankind” by Tian Jie, Chairman of Beijing QMLC Stem Cell Technology Co., Ltd. Guo Yunling, Chief Training Officer of Asia Slimming Association, Greater China Branch, and Deputy Director of Anti-Aging Medical Committee, China Alliance for Health Industry Development presided over the Symposium. Mr. Wu Xiangfei, Manager of Yiling Health Center, Mr. Li Xin, Deputy General Manager of China Health International Travel Service, National Health Commission, Mr. Jana Alexandrova, Mr. Tian Jie, Professor Hou Shengtian and Mihaly, Secretary-General of Hungarian Tourism Association engaged in the panel discussion on the development status quo, consumption demand and how to accelerate growth of health tourism in China.

Later Dr. Zhao Zihe from the CTA Laboratory for Chinese Medicine Tourism released the China Health Tourism Report, which analyzes the demand on the global health tourism market, the health tourism industry, China health tourism, demand characteristics of Chinese health tourists, activity characteristics and focuses of health tourists, inbound and outbound health tourism, health tourism in China, the development of health tourism products, among others, in 2017.

On Symposium Theme II “Integrating Resources, Perfecting Industry Chain”, speeches “Health Tourism: Service and Product are Equally Critical” and “Innovation in Health Tourism Business Model” were given by Ms. Punsuay Pimnara, Vice President of Thailand Asia Medical Tourism Company and Mr. Zhu Jinhong, Vice President of Ovation Culture, ENN Group were given. Dr. Yang Honghao, Deputy Director of the CTA Institute of Industry presided over the Symposium. Mr. Zheng Xiuquan, Deputy Governor of Southeastern Guizhou, Mr. Wu Yadang, President of CBN Business Group, Mr. Zheng Rongchang, International Cooperation Consultant of China Geriatric Care Association, Ms. PUNSUAY PIMNARA, Mr. Zhu Jinhong, and Economics Tourism Professor Janos Vertes from Budapest School of Economics engaged in the panel discussion on how destinations, resource providers, suppliers and distributors to effectively bridge between supply and demand, how to integrate resources and how to perfect the industrial chain.

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