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CTA held the Entrance Ceremony for Post-doctoral Research Fellows 2018

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On the morning of September 18, the entrance ceremony for post-doctoral research fellows 2018 was held in Beijing. The present includes Mr. Dai Bin, President of the China Tourism Academy (CTA), Mr. Zhong Xiaolin, Deputy Director of the MOLSS Department of Professional Technical Personnel Management, post-doctoral research fellows 2018, and some cooperative supervisors. The ceremony presided over by Mr. Song Ziqian, Deputy Head of the Postdoctoral Work Leading Group, CTA.

He announced the entrance list of 7 post-doctorates in 2018. Mr. Dai Bin awarded the entrance approval certificates.

Ms. Wang Haihong and Ms. Han Jinfang spoke on behalf of post-doctorates. They said that after 10 years of development, CTA has been highly praised in the industry, university and research circles as a platform for post-doctorates to continue learning and scientific research; all post-doctorates will do a good job in academic study based on the practical problems in China’s tourism development in accordance with the overall planning requirements of the CTA to help the development of China’s tourism industry with actions.

Ms. He Qiongfeng spoke on behalf of supervisors. She said that a good job will be done in daily post-doctoral training and guidance in innovative study. Post-doctorates are expected to get active involved in various tasks of the CTA and strengthen academic practice, thus rendering intellectual support for tourism.

Ms. Zhong Xiaolin appreciated the construction of the postdoctoral workstation, and efforts and tasks CTA has conducted in postdoctoral training. She hoped that the CTA postdoctoral workstation will sum up experience, innovate training means, and strive to build a model for post-doctoral entities. She said that the National Postdoctoral Management Office will continue to support the CTA post-doctoral work.

Mr. Dai Bin made a concluding remark and announced unified requirements for new post-doctorates. Post-doctorates are reserve talents in high-level theoretical research and industrial innovation required by the national tourism development. He hoped that post-doctorates can establish the noble morality of serving the industry and the nation; actively participate in industrial practice and foster Chinese-style academic research; integrate in the working atmosphere of active undertaking and deed; stick to the down-to-earth style of focusing on daily work. Post-doctorates are expected to get active and comprehensive involved in the work of the CTA, so that their political ideas, academic thoughts and academic ability can be improved.

Participants are Director Liang Qiuping, Wu Liyun, Jia Yuanyuan from the Postdoctoral Management Office; representative post-doctoral supervisors Ms. He Qiongfeng, Mr. Han Yuanjun, Mr. Wu Pu, Mr. Zhang Youyin, Mr. LiChuangxin and Wu Fenglin; new post-doctorates Zhai Huimin, Li Shihui, Li Longhui, Li Rui, etc.

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