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CTA Held the International Seminar on Tourism Research and Data

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In order to implement the overall deployment of the China Tourism Academy (CTA) 2018 “Documentation Year” and organize a series of academic activities in celebration of tourism research for 40 years, on the morning of September 12, the International Seminar on Tourism Research and Data was held in the conference room on Floor 2. The present includes Mr. Li Zhongguang, CTA Deputy President, Mr. Zhang Guangrui, Researcher and Academic Advisor of CTA and Founder of CASS Tourism Research Center, Mr. Li Tianyuan, Chief Expert of CTA Research Center of Tourism Market and Destination Marketing CTA and Professor from College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, Dr. Caroline Scarles, Head of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, Mr. Li Gang, Tourism Economics Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management and Director of International Relations of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey and Academician of World Tourism Academy, Professor Shi Da, Deputy President of Surrey International Institute, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and Professor Lv Guangming from School of Statistics of Beijing Normal University. The Seminar was chaired by Dr. Wu Liyun, Head of Research Administration Department.

Mr. Li Zhongguang introduced the background of this Seminar and welcomed Ms. Scarles and her fellows. Then he briefed the businesses engaged by CTA and its Data Center and addressed on tourism research and data analysis from an international perspective. He hoped that this event can facilitate bilateral exchanges, especially in research, data and talents, in a bid to gain more cooperation opportunities.

Ms. Scarles briefly introduced the basic information about tourism research at the University of Surrey. The University of Surrey has three research teams, focusing on tourism economy sustainability and welfare, tourism economic competitiveness and digital tourism economy, respectively. There is a tourism laboratory dedicated for tourism research experiments and data collection. She hoped that through this event, the cooperation with CTA in tourism research and data collection can be enhanced.

Mr. Zhang Guangrui shared insights on his studying and living in University of Surrey. He pointed out that academic research and exchanges require abundant cultural deposits and necessary methodological paradigms and language communication skills, experience sharing and exchanges can contribute to more scientific and complete research, thus offering policy makers and industry management more valuable suggestions.

Mr. Li Tianyuan analyzed the positivism study, terminology consensus at home and abroad, and problems in tourism research and international exchanges. He also dissected and discussed the concept of “big data”.

Mr. Li Gang introduced the basic situation of the team and shared the team’s research on barrier-free tourism, business productivity, cultural tourism, spatial analysis, etc. and said that the cooperation with CTA in the above fields and data sharing will be strengthened.

Mr. Shi Da talked about the international exchanges and basic information about Surry International Institute, shared contents including ways to acquire and methods to research tourism big data, and proposed to enhance cooperation in data and research with the University of Surry and CTA.

Mr. Lv Guangming analyzed the problems in the tourism statistics system, and raised to innovate the tourism statistics system referring to international general rules and strengthen research on integration of statistics and tourism.

The participating experts also held heated discussions on tourism statistics, spatial analysis, cultural tourism, rural tourism, among others.

Mr. Li Zhongguang spoke in his ending remark that this Seminar had made great progress and related academic issues, especially conceptual and international consensus reached, would be organized into a document later and we would continue to promote international exchanges and cooperation in this area.

Dr. Shi Fangfang, President Assistant of DUFE Surrey International Institute, Ms. Jiang Yiyi, Director of Institute of International Relations, Dr. He Qiongfeng and Dr. Jiang Yanxia of National Laboratory for Tourism Economy, Dr. Guo Na of Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development, Ms. Jia Yuanyuan of Research Administration Department, and Postdoctoral Liu Xiangyan and Li Longhui also attended.

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