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Symposium on China-Japan-South Korea Tourism Kicked Off in Suzhou

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On October 26-27, 2018, the 8th Meeting of China-Japan-South Korea Tourism Ministers, jointly initiated by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea’s Ministry of Sports and Tourism and Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and hosted by Jiangsu Tourism Bureau and Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, was held in Suzhou. During the meeting, the Symposium on China-Japan-South Korea Tourism co-sponsored by China Tourism Academy (CTA) and Suzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, was held on the afternoon of October 27 themed “Openness, Friendliness, Facilitation”. Mr. Luo Shugang, Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Do Jong-hwan, South Korean Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Mr. Keiichi Ishii, Japanese Minister of Land, Transport attended and delivered speeches.

Mr. Luo Shugang pointed out in his speech that China, Japan and South Korea had deeply discussed issues of common concern, reached a series of consensus themed “Tourism Drives Healthy, Stable and Sustainable Development of Regional Cooperation”, and enacted the Suzhou Declaration. The development of tourism economy cannot be separated from commercial forces such as tourism enterprises and investment institutions, the efforts of all levels of governments, and the support of culture. Tourism representatives from China, Japan and South Korea further conducted themed exchanges to work out more practical measures in market development and product innovation, especially in tourist quality assurance, thereby enhancing the influence and attraction of East Asian tourism on the world tourism pattern, creating a model of regional tourism cooperation and achieving the common goal set by the governments of the three parties.

Mr. Dai Bin, President of CTA, gave a speech as a think-tank representative entitled “Connection with People is the Best Tourism”. He mentioned that today’s international travel gets more convenient and the reception environment is increasingly friendly, allowing a trip without a plan to come true. Tourism activities and life scenes that embody the common values of mankind organically link people from different countries, regions and civilizations. To better implement the consensus and initiative reached by leaders of China, Japan and South Korea, and better implement the Suzhou Declaration and Action Plan signed by tourism ministers from these three countries, the tourism industry and the local government are joining forces to turn the ideal into reality.

Mr. Kim Joung Man, President at the Korea Cultural and Tourism Institute (KCTI), and Mr. Itochong, Deputy Director at Overseas Promotion Department of the Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO), delivered keynote speeches as tourism think-tank representatives.

Dr. Ma Yiliang, Deputy Director at Tourism Statistics and Economic Analysis Center of CTA (Data Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism), released the 2018 China-Japan-South Korea Tourism Big Data Report, which shows that the number of international tourists from China, Japan and South Korea in 2017 was about 106 million, accounting for 8% of the world’s total. The outbound tourism consumption of China, Japan and South Korea in 2017 is 334.2 billion U.S. dollars, inbound tourism revenue is 177.4 billion U.S. dollars, and the overall international tourism development advantage of China, Japan and South Korea is remarkable. On average, tourism has contributed 2.47% of direct employment to China, Japan and South Korea, and 7.33% of comprehensive employment to tourism, which has played an obvious role in reducing unemployment and poverty. China, Japan and South Korea are their main source countries, depending on and benefiting from each other. China, Japan and South Korea boast high tourism quality, high cost performance and tourist satisfaction. Tourism will be more defined by culture. China, Japan and South Korea share the same culture, and they should and can jointly create a world-famous cultural tourism destination.

Ms. Jiang Yiyi, Director at the Institute of International Tourism Development, presided over the round table forum “Cities: Cultural Exchanges and Tourism Cooperation”. Mr. Wang Chen, Deputy General Manager of China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG), Ms. Wang Shujuan, Deputy Inspector of Qingdao Municipal Tourism Development Committee, Mr. Seo Yongji, Vice President of the Central Committee of Korea Tourism Association, and Cyanosis Nohino, Exclusive Director of Japan's Northeast Tourism Promotion Agency made keynote speeches respectively; Ms. Cheng Meihong, Deputy Director of Shanghai Tourism Bureau, Mr. Lu Feng, Deputy Director of Suzhou Tourism Bureau, Eung-su Kim, President of Korea Mice Association King, Woo Chenghuan representing IOCONVEX, Kazuhiro Nagai, Reviewer of Japan Tourism Department and Chung Chuan Shengshun, Exclusive Service Director at Okinawa Tourism and Exhibition Bureau participated in the discussion with representatives of the association, shared the roles and successful experiences of cities, associations and community organizations in tourism exchanges and cooperation among the three countries, and looked forward to the future prospects and trends of cooperation.

Mr. Yang Honghao, Deputy Director of the Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, presided over a round table discussion on "Tourism: Deepening Cooperation and Quality Improvement". Mr. Hong Qinghua, founder of Lvmama and Chairman of Joyu Group, Dr. Choi Qingen of KCTI, and Hiroshi Tagawa, President of Japan Association of Travel Agents made keynote speeches. Mr. Gao Zhi, Vice President of CYTS, Mr. Li Li, Chairman of Hangzhou Overseas Travel Company, Mr. Choi Hyuk, Representative Director of Korea Travel Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoo Qilong, Representative Director of Korea Town Tourism, Hiroshi Sakamoto, President of Japan Travel Agency Service, Toko Kenji, Vice President of the ANTA, and representatives of tourism operators participated in the symposium. They believe that the Suzhou Declaration and Action Plan issued at the ministerial meeting of the three countries this morning is great good news for the tourism industry of the three countries, and the tourism exchange and cooperation between the three countries is ushering in a new era. They discussed and exchanged views on how to seize this opportunity, prospects and expectations of the tourism market exchange and industrial cooperation among the three countries.

The attendees include more than 240 government officials, industry associations, representatives from the tourism industry and tourism think tanks, and media reporters, who shared and discussed the experience and prospects of international tourism cooperation and raised suggestions for the development and cooperation of tourism in these three countries.

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