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Delegation of Pinterest in the U.S. Paid a Visit to the CTA

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On the afternoon of September 11, the delegation represented by Mr. Charlie Hale from Pinterest in the U.S., visited the China Tourism Academy (CTA) to discuss and exchange views on the prospect of Pinterest’s business in China and the potential cooperation space with the CTA. Ms. Tang Xiaoyun, Chief Statistician of CTA, was entrusted by President Dai Bin to attend the meeting and extended welcome to the delegation of Pinterest.

Mr. Hale briefed Pinterest and the good expectations for entering the Chinese market. Pinterest is a world-leading platform for sharing innovative ideas on the Internet. It helps users search for and practice inspirations needed in their work and life through AI technologies such as computer vision and machine learning. The most popular contents on the platform are nutrition recipes, travel plans, fast-moving consumer goods, etc. Pinterest closely combines visual creativity with e-commerce as well, and users can directly purchase online of their interest through creative search. Pinterest is also one of the top ten unicorn companies in the world. In the latest round of financing in June 2017, the company was valued at USD 12.3 billion.

Ms. Tang Xiaoyun briefed the CTA and its Data Center. After learning more about Pinterest’s tourism business and China’s inbound tourism-related business through exchanges, she believed that Pinterest could play a positive role in marketing overseas tourism destinations, cultural and tourism exchanges between China and the U.S., and tourists from the U.S. and other places traveling to China. When it comes to scientific research cooperation, based on the platform user data, Pinterest is willing to work with CTA to explore the consumption preferences, habits and behavior characteristics of potential U.S. inbound tourists and promote bilateral exchanges on tourism.

The attendees also include Mr. Tony Falzone, Deputy Global Legal Adviser at Pinterest, Senior Director Fu Xiaoyu and Project Director Yuan Yining at Anke (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd., Mr. Song Ziqian, Chief Strategic Researcher and Director at Document Information Center of CTA, Mr. He Qingfeng, Director at National Tourism Economics Laboratory, and postdoctors Liu Xiangyan and Wang Huiying.

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