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Official WeChat Account of “National Tourism Review” is Online

2018-11-8 15:17:39       Size:[L  M  S]

The official Wechat Account of “National Tourism Review” is online recently, which aims to expand service channels and improve service performance.

Based on China Tourism Review, the official WeChat Account is a key project of tourism development policy and strategy research of China Tourism Academy. The account serves to promote the construction of tourism think tank and the theoretical system of tourism development, and encourage researches that are truly rooted in industry practice, especially those thorough researches on major problems and fundamental subjects in tourism industry practice.

The “National Tourism Review” consists of three columns: Article submission & Subscription, Critics & Comments and Comment Recommendation. The column “Article Submission & Subscription” includes article submission instruction, cooperation and exchange information, previous contents of China Tourism Review and abstract; Critics & Comments provides the latest article abstracts published in China Tourism Review; Recommendation focuses on publishing academic meeting information, research report and hot comments. At the same time, the account will push headline articles to subscribers in regular intervals.

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