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Cooperation Organizations of “Welcome Chinese” Program visited China Tourism Academy

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April 17, President Dai Bin met with representatives of Viking Cruises, Artainment WS Company, Cremona of Italy and Fidenza Village, and awarded them the red class “Welcome Chinese” certification. 

President Dai extended warm welcome to the representatives of cooperation organizations. He said that the overseas tourism market of China is rapidly increasing in recent years and the total number of overseas Chinese tourists in 2017 has reached 130 million. Along with the total market volume, the ways of travel are more free, experiencing local life, participating concert, and enjoying local food have become important part during the travel. Chinese tourists used to travel Europe by bus, however, nowadays, Viking Cruises, one of the world famous tourism company that is outstanding in inner river cruises travel, provides Chinese tourists with a new way of travel and experience. Artainment WS, Cremona city and its violin museum, and other cooperation partners, have become providers for Chinese tourism with products and places to experience European music, art, live performance related to leading culture and technology. As a senior member of “Welcome Chinese”, Fidenza Village of Value Retail, top European outlets, have provided Chinese people with customized reception system and services, and have continuously upgrading the shopping experience. China Tourism Academy would like to work with more tourism service providers so as to provide Chinese tourists with more excellent environment and experience in Chinese language service.

Mr. Shen Xiaoya, representative of “Welcome Chinese” program execution party extended gratitude to President Dai Bin and China Tourism Academy. He noted that it is a great pleasure to introduce new certified members to China Tourism Academy and exchange opinions. He also thanked them for providing advancing services for Chinese tourists.

Brendan Tansey, Managing director of China Region, Viking Cruises, introduced the general information of the company and future development strategy and goals specifically concerning Chinese market and said that Viking Cruises highly emphasizes travel needs of Chinese customers and has promoted several routes and services customized for Chinese tourists. Nicola Sapio, Marketing director of Artainment WS, introduced the new performance based on The Last Judgment of Michelangelo, which is an innovative mode that integrates leading live show technology with culture. The show will be a better experience for Chinese tourists. Cianluca Galimberti, Mayor of Cremona, Italy, introduced the tourism resources of the city through a video, and also the world renowned Violin Museum. He invited Chinese tourists to visit the local violin workshop and learn the evolution history of violin. Sylvia Taliafari, Tourism director of Fidenza Village shared the customized reception and service system for Chinese tourists and hoped that more Chinese tourists will visit the village.

Dr. Yang Honghao, Deputy Director of Industry Institute, Dr. Zhan Dongmei, Dr. Wu Yunli, Dr. Zhang Yang, and Dr. Xia Shaoyan, Director of Research Department, and Liu Xin attended the meeting.

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