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China Tourism Academy Sighed MOU with Tourism Bureau of Valencia, Spain

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On April 17th, President Dai Bin met with Ximo Puig, President of Valencia Autonomous District of Spain.

President Dai warmly welcomed the visit of the delegation team led by Mr. Ximo Puig. He said that Valencia is rich in culture and tourism resources. The delegation only brought with a cooperation project, but also the spectacular Spanish culture to Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists used to visit Europe, including Spain, for sightseeing, nowadays, more and more people prefer to stay at one place and experience local life. Chinese people always believe that reading is like travelling, which enriches the life alike. I believe that Valencia is a place where Chinese can read and travel as well.

Under the strategy of China-EU Tourism Year 2018, mutual visits among tourists are given high attention, and there will be an anticipating increase of number of Chinese tourist to Valencia. In the following period, China Tourism Academy will continue promote the expansion of “Welcome Chinese” program in Europe, and is willing to recommend Valencia, which is rich in culture and hospitable, to Chinese tourists.

Ximo Puig extended gratitude to President Dai Bin and the Academy. He said that different from other industries, tourism is a link between tourists and local people. The connection between China and Valencia can be traced back to the period of Silk Road. The two parties share same natures in culture, holidays and other aspects. China-EU Tourism Year enables more Chinese tourists to know Valencia and he hoped that the city can provide with more excellent services and will be a popular oversea tourism destination of Chinese people.

During the meeting, on behalf of China Tourism Academy and Tourism Bureau of Valencia Autonomous Government of Spain respectively, President Dai and Mr. Ximo Puig sighed the MOU. According to the MOU, a cooperation relation is built between the two parties to promote the tourism exchange between China and Valencia, and to motivate the prosperity and development of the tourism markets of both sides.

Dr. Yang Honghao, Deputy Director of Industry Institute, Dr. Zhan Dongmei, Dr. Wu Yunli, Dr. Zhang Yang, and Dr. Xia Shaoyan, Director of Research Department, and Liu Xin attended the meeting.

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