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China Tourism Academy Summit 2018 Held in Beijing

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On April 20, 2018, China Tourism Academy Summit was held in Beijing. With the topic of “High-quality Tourism: Share Value and National Governance”, the summit was host by China Tourism Academy (CTA), co-organized by Ctrip Travel Group and supported by People’s Daily App. Li Jinzao, Deputy General Secretary of the Working Committee and Deputy Minister of Ministry of National Cultural & Tourism, attended the opening ceremony and delivered an address. Du Jiang, Member of the Working Committee, attended the opening ceremony and awarded the prize winners. Over 350 attendants participated the meeting, including directors from concerned departments and directly-managed organizations of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, representatives of hosts and co-organizers and media organizations, and guests from tourism academic field, tourism industry and government departments.

Li Jinzao noted, the decision of establishing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, is significant in planning and promoting culture and tourism reform development at the height of the Central Committee of the Party. The decision aims to reinforce and show cultural confidence, to plan the cultural undertakings, cultural industrial development and tourism resources development as a whole, to upgrade the soft power and cultural influence of China, to promote the integrated development of cultural undertakings, cultural and tourism industries. We, facing the new era and taking the new task, must make great effort to promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, so as to effectively put the decision and policies of the Central Committee of the Party into practice. He hoped that academicians in tourism of China should meet the need of the time, expand the research perspective, and improve research levels, so as to provide better advices to the development of culture and tourism industries and to devote new contribution to impel the great development of culture and tourism.

Li Xiaoping, Senior Deputy President of Ctrip also gave an address. He said, in the October of 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping had noted in the report of 19th NCCPC that the contradiction of present China is between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life, which gives a clear development direction of China tourism industry. A better life is not only the basic goal of tourism development of the new era and also the new driver of tourism development. In recent years, Ctrip ceaselessly executes the social responsibility and actively participates in the national strategies, such as well-off society development, rural revitalization and high-quality tourism, etc. In the work of tourism poverty reduction, with the self advantages, Ctrip and Ministry of Transport jointly initiated “Transportation and highway + Tourism poverty reduction” program, in which we released first 100 poverty reduction travel routes covering nearly 20 provinces. The program has made great achievement in targeted poverty reduction. In the work of rural revitalization, Ctrip developed the “Beautiful County” App, which is an exchange & trade platform for tourists, tourism destination city governments and farmers and to promote the work of rural revitalization with more than 3000 million subscribed online members. In the work of satisfying customer’s needs and upgrading service experience, Ctrip released “Hotel Easy Booking”, “Online Booking” and “Quick Check-in 2.0” and other mini innovative programs in 2017. In the work of providing more differentiated and value-added services, Ctrip innovates in interactive experience and launched “Robot Hotel Reception” program in major cities and some overseas cities. the program greatly improves the reception efficiency by using information technology, and the time of reception of one customer has reduced from 35min to 35 sec. In the work of tourism civilization construction and tourism safety, Ctrip also plays an active role and pushed out the world first 24-hour Tourism SOS program launched by a tourism company. In the future, Ctrip will continue the work in innovations that make travel happier and devote ourselves to promote the healthy development of China tourism and scientific research in tourism.

In the summit, the 2018 Scientific Research Project List of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, award list of 2017 Excellent Research of Ministry of Culture and Tourism were released, Du Jiang, member of the working committee of Ministry of Culture and Tourism awarded the winners.

2018 “Tourism Thinker” award ceremony was also held in the summit. Dr. Dai Bin of CTA awarded Chen Miaolin of New Century Tourism Group and its group to honor their contribution to the high-quality accommodation. Chen Miaolin received the award and made an address.

The topic speech section was followed and was host by Li Zhongguang, Deputy President of CTA. Prof. Zhang Guangrui, Researcher of China Academy of Social Science (former director of Tourism Research Center), Chen Gang, Co-founder (CEO) of gave speeches on “China tourism research development in Forty –years Reform and Open-up” and “New Tourism: Tourism Quality Upgrading led by People Born in 1990s” respectively.

In the afternoon of April 20, Prof. Ma Bo, Dean of School of Tourism and Geographical Science, Qingdao University, delivered a speech on “High-quality Tourism: Research on Two Ends and International Care”. Prof. Ma set forth that quality upgrade ultimately relies on the improvement of tourism industry qualities and the upgrade of a great country’s tourism must be periodic and differentiated. He delivered his ideas from three aspects, i.e., cost performance judgment on tourism service, analysis on tourists profit transfer, special tourism in international tourism exchange.

Dr. Song Ziqian, Chief Researcher of Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies of CTA gave a speech on “High-quality Tourism and Tourist Cultural Construction”. He noted that tourism and culture are inter-connected. High-quality tourism is quality-profit and its fundamental goal is to better satisfy people’s need for better life and make tourism industry the modern service industry.

The sub-forums, “High-quality tourism: Roles of Government, Enterprise and Tourist” and “Review and Outlook of Tourism Research in the Past Forty Years”, were also successfully held.

“High-quality tourism: Roles of Government, Enterprise and Tourist” sub forum was host by Dr. Wu Yunli of Industry Institute of CTA. Zhao Wenzhi, Deputy President of Guangzhilv International Travel Agency of Ling Nan Group, He Mang, Associate Professor, Assistant to the Dean of School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-sen University, delivered speeches. Zhao Wenzhi set forth that product suppliers must continuously reinforce the quality supervision, create high-quality IP and should improve customer satisfaction and thoroughly and vertically divide the market to help the development of high-quality tourism. Prof. He Mang stated that the aim of high-quality tourism should be establishing joint construction, management and enjoyment system, and should emphasizing joint development of landscape and society, joint management of the environment and shared enjoyment of customers and owners.  

Other speakers debated heatedly in the following panel of the “High-quality tourism: Roles of Government, Enterprise and Tourist”. Prof. Tao Li, Dean of School of Capital Tourism Research, Capital Normal University, stated that tourism is a comprehensive industry with the core of people. High-quality tourism is like a car jointly manufactured by China and foreign company, of which two tires are “full openness and integrated development”, the engine is technological innovation and legal management is the solid safety warranty for development. Zhang Guohua, global cultural tourist shared cases of Israel’s Temple Mount and Turkey to explain that high-quality tourism can be implemented everywhere and be well worth doing. Zhang Yuzhong, Chief Data Analyst of Cloud Computing Company, China Telecom, said that since the consumption mode of tourists have changed a lot nowadays, information technology should be make good use to promote high-quality tourism to a new development level.  Zhu Zhongwang, Manager of Planning Department of An Hui Jiuhua Mountain Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd, concluded from enterprise perspective and said that good services and the mechanization of resources are more useful for developing high-quality tourism. Zhu Guoqiang, Director of Jiangsu Tourism Bureau, based on the development experience of Jiangsu, pointed that, in the background of all-for-one tourism, high-quality development must innovate systematically. Joint working system among different government departments, as well as shared enjoyment and joint establishment system among government and enterprises should be established.

The sub forum of “Review and Outlook of Tourism Research in the Past Forty Years” was host by Dr. Han Yuanjun, Deputy Researcher of Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies of CTA. Prof. Wei Xiao’an, Top Specialist of WTA, delivered a speech on “Forty Years of Tourism Development”, reviewing the forty-year development of China tourism from three dimensions, i.e. industry, government and academy with four keywords: pioneer, develop, exploit and expand. Guo Laixi, Researcher of Institute of Geographic Science of China Academy of Science gave a speech on “Discussion on the New Mode of Tourism Development under Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” explained the opinion of “nine cultivations” that tourism development need from three dimensions: development features of different times, function of tourism industry and “culture, sports and healthcare”.

Other speakers also discussed heatedly in the following panel. Guo Xilai pointed that the prosperity of China tourism in the past forty years is the result of the reform and open-up policies. Prof. Li Tianyuan from School of Tourism and Service Management of Nankai University said that the development of higher education in tourism in the past forty years can’t be achieved without the support of the government, substantial practice of the market objects, the persistence of scholars and the hard work of academic fields. Prof. Zhang Hui from Beijing Jiaotong University acknowledged the achievement of China tourism research but also pointed out the severe challenges that tourism academy subject. He stated that the academic system establishment and tourism research theories still need to be tested by the market practice. Song Rui, Director of Tourism Research Center of CASS stated that tourism research in China has entered to a new development level in the world tourism research. In the forty years, our academicians have improved from learners to participants and now have become influencers. And at the same time, he hoped that our researchers should concentrate on perfect the tourism research system and strive to be more influential in bigger stages. 

Signing Ceremony of a strategic cooperation between CTA and Google Information Technology (China) Co., Ltd. was held in the Summit. 

Prof. Dai Bin, President of CTA then awarded the winners of best thesis of 2018 and made a close speech on “National Requirement of Tourism Development in New Era: People’s Expectation and Academy Task”. 

President Dai Bin stated that travel is a way to experience life in a difference place and wish for a better life is the new driver of tourism development. Modern academic research is not constrained in the book room, but should walk out and touch the real dream of beautiful China tourism, so that we can find the power and original thoughts to go further. Modern tourism academic field must be responsible and modern tourism academicians must be responsible, too. Scientific research, theoretical construction and data analysis are work for the industry development and national strategies, not for academicians to optimize ourselves. He hoped that tourism academicians, especially young academicians must thorough study the spirit of the 19th NCCPC and Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism in New Era. We should “write papers on the motherland and apply the result in the construction of socialism and modernization” that are called by General Secretary Xi, which is the only way to create the new theoretical power that promote the innovative development of tourism in the new era.

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