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CNTA Leaders Heard CTA and the NTDC Work Report

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At 3:00 p.m. on Dec. 26, 2017, the Party Group of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) heard the work report of China Tourism Academy (CTA) and the National Tourism Data Center (NTDC).

CTA President & NTDC Director Dai Bin made the work report. He stated that in 2017, under the uniform arrangement of the Party Group of CNTA, especially under the direct leadership of CNTA Vice Chairman Du Jiang, CTA and the NTDC were in line with the requirement of “centering around the core work, serving for the overall planning, and being the steadfast tourism promoters”, provided China tourism industry with theoretical and data support for the transformation from quantitative tourism to qualitative tourism, closely aimed at the key tasks, paid attention to the latest tendency, observed the potential tendency, and strengthened the party work and research team building. And he expressed his hope that in the following new year, CNTA leaders could provide more guidance, give more assignments, and help the NTDC to establish the normal financial budgeting mechanism. 

After heard the work report, CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao pointed out that in 2017, CTA and the NTDC had a good performance and made great achievements, especially strengthened the awareness of centering around the core work, serving for the overall planning, carried out significant research projects based on the core work and the latest tendency, and achieved remarkable results and outstanding progress. He pointed out that the newly-established NTDC accomplished several assignments, in particular, it provided holiday tourism data in a timely way and took great efforts in the construction of local data centers, which should be fully acknowledged. And he emphasized that CTA and the NTDC should take more efforts and make more achievements in 2018 based on the work in 2017. For this purpose, he proposed three pieces of suggestions. The first was that CTA and the NTDC could further strengthen the awareness of centered work and serve for China tourism industry and the work of CNTA. He stated that CTA was a research institution of CNTA, CTA researchers could be the leading “red experts” and steadfast tourism promoters. The second was that CTA and the NTDC could further strengthen the party work and let the researchers, PhDs, and post-doctoral fellows know that as a research institution under the leadership of CNTA Party Group, CTA was same to all CNTA departments in serving for the core work. He said that in 2017, CTA had a good performance and played a leading role in the area of tourism research, time could provide the evidence of the Party’s care for the researchers, and the Party’s help was a right way for the researchers to make great achievements. And the third was that the NTDC could further strengthen its own work and give more guidance to local tourism data centers. In particular, the issues of budget and personnel could be listed as specific topics and deliberated again.    

The meeting also required that CTA and the NTDC should successfully hold the workshop on the compilation of Contemporary Tourism on Jan. 2-3, 2018 and accomplish the compilation and index release of reports related to the World Tourism Alliance.  

After the report to CNTA, CTA and the NTDC immediately organized the meeting of the middle-level cadres and the advanced researchers and communicated the spirit of CNTA leaders’ instructions which greatly inspired the attendees. And CTA and the NTDC outlined the key tasks in 2018 in accordance with CNTA leaders’ instructions. 

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