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CTA Held the Meeting of Work Review and the Party Work Report in 2017

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On Jan. 10 p.m., CTA held the Meeting of Work Review and the Party Work Report in 2017. This meeting was chaired by CTA President Dai Bin and attended by Mr. Duan Guoqiang, Deputy Secretary & Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of the Party Committee of Direct Organs of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), and all staffs of China Tourism Academy (CTA).

The meeting first communicated the spirit of CNTA Chairman Li Jinzao and Vice Chairman Du Jiang’s instructions on the work of CTA in 2017. CNTA leaders gave full acknowledgement to the work of CTA in 2017 and observed that CTA staffs greatly strengthened the awareness of being in line with the core work of the Central Government, significantly improved the ability to center around the core work and serve for the general planning, and made outstanding achievements in the areas of theoretical research, service for the public, and tourism data center construction, etc. And they hoped that in 2018, CTA could continuously strengthen the Party work, reinforce the awareness of core work, try to be the leading “red experts” and steadfast tourism promoters, and the National Tourism Data Center could further strengthen its own work, give more guidance to local tourism data centers, organize excellent scholars to do specialized research on outbound tourism data and other related areas, and furthermore strengthen the work regulation and discipline. CNTA leaders’ generous encouragement and sincere hope would inspire all CTA staffs to take joint efforts in solidarity for further advancing China tourism research and data analysis.   

President Dai Bin, Vice President Li Zhongguang, and Chief Statistician Tang Xiaoyun respectively made their own work reports and the Party work reports. Chief Researcher Song Ziqian and the persons in charge of institutes respectively made the reports of their own work and those of the institute work in 2017. In his comments, Deputy Secretary Duan Guoqiang gave a full acknowledgement to the highlights in the Party work of CTA in 2017, especially the outstanding achievements in the areas of the “two studies and one action” advocation, excellent Party member report, conversation of experts by writing on the Report of the 19th CPC National Congress, excellent Party class construction, and Party work topic research, etc. And he observed that CTA Party Branch strengthened the Party work, advanced development, put the Party theory into practice, implemented the basic system of “Three Meetings and One Class”, and expressed his hope that in the future study and work, CTA staffs could take the lead of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, make more achievements in scientific research and data analysis, apply the Party work principle of “strength, strictness, and authenticity” in other tasks, make the Party Branch play its role of leading and safeguarding, and integrate the requirements of the Central Government and those of CNTA Party Group in the work of CTA.    

In the end, on behalf of CTA leaders, President Dai Bin reviewed the work in 2017 and outlined the major tasks in 2018. He pointed out that in 2017, under the firm leadership of CNTA Party Group, CTA successfully accomplished the targeted tasks which were specified in the beginning of the year, further developed and clarified the awareness of centering around the core work and serving for the general planning, further enhanced the ability of theoretical innovation and political consultation, gradually improved the data center headquarters, local data centers at four levels, and cooperation network system, and greatly widened the academic reputation and influence in China and in the international community.

In his address, President Dai Bin emphasized that 2018 would be CTA 10th anniversary, and all staffs should work harder and achieve more, thereby giving a distinguished mark to the development of CTA in this special year. Centering around the theme of “the year of literature building”, CTA would diligently study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, meet the requirements of the national tourism work conference, continuously enhance the Party work, strengthen quality tourism development theory studies, publish important research results which could be the references for the government. Besides, CTA would publish and promote Modern Tourism, produce the World Tourism Alliance (1+3) Report, make regular tourism economy situation analysis, key and important tourism theory innovations, and other major tasks. And CTA would also clarify the guiding line and strategic system of the year of literature building, specify the channels and methods of literature building, set up the database of tourism industry quality development, basic database, and specialized database, and strengthen the organization and personnel work of the center for literature and information.  

President Dai Bin required that CTA should center around “quality tourism” and other related themes, publish China Tourism Review and China Tourism Big Data, continue to construct the “1+8+X” landmark results, pay attention to the latest development tendency of the industry, strengthen the ability to lead quality improvement and profit increase in tourism industry, steadily widen the academic reputation and social influence, greatly promote the construction of cooperation network system among the National Tourism Data Center, enterprises, and local tourism data centers, and implement CTA strategic partnership work plan. He also required that CTA should advance the experience sharing and cooperation in such areas as international tourism competitiveness, strengthen academic promotion, service for the public, academic platform building, and other work concerning the Party, organization, administration, and personnel, etc. And he emphasized that CTA staffs should uphold the concept that the purpose of literature building was to set the foundation for future development and keep the increasingly-transparent strategic focus and successfully accomplish all tasks in the new year. 

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